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Birthday celebration in Ukan


Birthdays were a pretty private celebration in early Ukan communities, when they were being observed at all. The older people got, and depending on how devout they may be, some would just entirely forget their birthday alltogether.   Upon the day of birth, you should give a gift of thanks to your mother as well as to your protective deity for living another year. Everyone is assigned one of five protective dieties representing the five seasons of the year, and usually people would have a small shrine designated to their protective diety in their home, or a larger one nearby their home.   Some variations on the celebration occured depending on where in Ukan you focus, some would only thank their protective deity regardless if their mother was alive or not.


Upon the day of your birth it was costumary to prepare a meal for your mother and together you would share it. If you are a person of means, your mother could very well enjoy a lavish feast together with you. Or if you weren't, maybe you could scrape together something simple. After the thanksgiving to the mother, one would go about gathering herbs and bind them together into a bundle, perhaps ornated with a few flowers. Sage is a popular choice as it is pretty commonly available. As night settled, you would go to the shrine of your diety and give them thanks with a song or a phrase, as you lay down your offering to the diety.

Components and tools

You would need a food preparation area, some tools for using in the cooking, and later maybe a thread or some straws to bind together your bundle of herbs.


The calendar dates were kept up to date by the godes, and they would keep some sort of record of the important days. Most common people would have to keep track of their own birthdays.
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