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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ansa, Astrid, Embla, Enda, Freja, Freydis, Hilda, Sigfrid, Sigrid, Ulva, Ylva

Masculine names

Askar, Bjarni, Erik, Floki, Frei, Grimr, Halfdan, Harald, Ingolfr, Ivar, Jarvid, Leif, Olaf, Ralf, Ragnar, Rurik, Stackr, Thorgest, Torvald, Ulv

Unisex names

Asterin, Aud, Eira, Elmira, Enda, Ingemar...

Other names

Nature names like Rock, Berg (Mountain), Berry, Älv (River) is common for pets.


Major language groups and dialects

Ukans language is widely spoken over the continent, with some dialects and variations. Some completely innocent and common word for girl in northern Ukan, could turn out to be a very rude word indeed in the southern parts of the realm. Seeing newcomers deal with this is a source for many southern locals merriment.

Shared customary codes and values

The northmen of Ukan highly value a shared set of virtues, namely courage, hospitality, honour, loyalty, and honesty.   Courage: To show courage in the face of danger.   Hospitality: To all strangers and wanderers who are in need of a meal and a warm spot for the night.   Honor: To honor your word and never back down from a promise you've made.   Loyalty: To your family and friends in times of plenty, and times of need.   Honesty: To value the truth and to be honest in your trade dealings.

Art & Architecture

Northmen are fine craftsmen and they are renowned for their carvings. Local flora and fauna is common motive, as well as figures from their religion, known as the Askars .
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