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Bark Code

The bark code is a secret language known only to the peasant class of the Ukan folk. Mainly it is used for directions, warnings, and marking of important sites.

Geographical Distribution

It is used primarily by Ukan peasants classes, who live in the forests and use the code as directional hints. There is some regional variety and each village has some special symbols. Some of the symbols most commonly used in bark code can have different meaning in different parts of the continent.   The language is highly personalized and it is not uncommon for people in a single household to have their own symbols and meanings thereof.   Young lovers may use bark code to write their loved ones name or initials, as a way to immortalize (in their eyes) the love connection between them. Especially if the romance between them is taboo. It is generally seen as romantic by those in the know.   The Wanderers does not make use of the bark code, as they see it as a dangerous practice to damage nature. They fear it might cause misfortune and angered nature spirits to seek vengeance on those who make use of it. If one of the wandering folk would come across someone carving a bark code symbol, they would likely try to stop them and scold them for it to the bewildered peasant who were only doing something nearly everyone they'd knew were doing. It's become something that is a sore point between the cultures, and is usually avoided to be brought up in meetings between the two.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Arrow (pointing in direction) = Go this way
Arrow crossed over (pointing in direction) = Avoid this path
Fang or claw symbol = Danger
Stag horn symbol = Holy site

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