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The Wanderers

Known as the wandering folk, they are a people who worship nature spirits and travel with their herds of beasts. They believe that their beasts have souls, just like they do and take great care of the creatures in their care. When one is slaughtered for food, nothing goes to waste. They have two half-permanent settlements in north Ukan which they travel between depending on season.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ávrá, Áidnu, Áidná, Bávlá, Ervá, Eirá, Bávlá, Biijá, Buohttá, Dávdná, Dirjá, Gáddjá, Gáhte, Njáves, Helve, Hilká, Ibbá, Juljá, Juoksáhkká, Láidná, Mávdná, Náddjá, Naná, Oája, Ráfi, Ruvsá, Seita, Sikká, Sivnne, Vábo, Vuohkko

Masculine names

Ále, Áno, Anti, Bihto, Cáijá, Doaivu, Duvre, Elejas, Eles, Feles, Filpa, Guivi, Hentto, Isku, Klemmá, Niilá, Pjettar, Riggu, Silvu, Simit, Uhkku, Ulmmá, Vuolát

Unisex names

Bigge, Laara, Vider

Other names



Shared customary codes and values

Everything in their lives centers around their herd beasts, and it takes a close knitted community to survive in the harsh tundra of northern Ukan.


Beauty Ideals

Like many Ukan folk they do enjoy soft fur and skin. The wanderers, being of a cervid type of Kaestran folk, have great antlers which they regrow once a year. On males, the bigger antlers the better. Female wanderers also grow antlers but they are often smaller than male antlers.

Gender Ideals

Men are supposed to be strong and supportive of their family, standing by them and helping raise the children. Women are supposed to be cunning and wise in their guidance of the family and their herd of beasts.

Courtship Ideals

Often the female tends to be in the leading position, and take the initiative to court a male. However, it's not a rule set in stone.   Courtship would be appropriate to say often happen during festivities and other social gatherings.

Relationship Ideals

Women, being wise and nurturing, are often seen as the center of family life. Her inherent wisdom should guide the family onto the right path.

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