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Queen's Day

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Queen's Day is the official day where the birthday of Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia is being celebrated. It usually is not her actual birthday but pushed a few days back or forth to a date that's best for most inhabitants of Queenshaven to celebrate it.


Since the Founding of the Farenian Empire, there has always been a King's Day, or a Queen's day now that the empire has its first queen. The first ones started with the king and some of his soldiers just parading through the city, but with time numerous smaller events got added.


Queen's Day is being celebrated in the whole empire, but in Queenshaven it is a really large event. Festoons are crisscrossing above the streets, musicians are entertaining at various locations of the city. All along the centre of the main street coming down from the palace tables and chairs or benches are being placed, and everyone can have free food.   During the whole day, clowns and storytellers entertain the children of the city. Small competitions for everyone are being held, one of them exclusively for poor people, and the first price is a small parcel of land and some livestock. Everyone gets a Word of Aziz, imported by some merchants as "Fortune Cookies", the connection to a goddess of a distant religion mostly unknown to the locals.   On a small stage, a group of actors is showing a half-hour play, making fun of some things the king or the queen did during the past year. This is usually a big lough for everyone.   The day is being finished off by a fancy dress party at the queen's palace, where everyone can lend costumes outside for free, making rich and poor people equal so everyone can speak to everyone else freely without class conceit. Famous bards and musicians strike up with well-known songs.   After dawn, members of the Gnome Workshop display fantastic fireworks, including images of flowers, horses, dragons and even a portrait of Queen Eleanor Rani herself.
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