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Croc Tooth Isles

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The Croc Tooth Isles got razed to the ground by a giant wave some decades ago, but this also washed up several plants and animals that were long hidden deep in the sea between Han and the isles. Most of them just died after a few days, but some more adaptable or by the wave affected ones could take a foothold and build up a bizarre scenery not to be seen anywhere else on Alana.   There are no humanoid beings living on the islands, living there is not a healthy option. The former inhabitants of the islands, now known as Khajari Tribe, is not setting a foot on the ground anymore, except for fetching water or raiding a city somewhere.


The Croc Tooth Isles are pretty flat with the highest elevation being about 10m high. Due to The Veiled Wave disaster some decades ago, all the previous vegetation and animals vanished and new species found a home on the islands.

Fauna & Flora

The islands are covered by a huge variety of sea anemones that feed on the thousands of mosquitos and even small birds that populate the islands. Another species that made it to land is the starfish. Several large specimens are hunting for small animals. The most unexpected species though is the sand shark and might be quite some surprise for the careless adventurer visiting the islands. There might be also the occasional angler fish, trying to lure you closer with a beautiful fake flower.   The waters around the islands are probably more secure than the island themselves.

Natural Resources

The islands do not provide any resources anymore except you are on the hunt for rare species, different sorts of venom or mosquito bites.
SC2020:Describe a location in your world that is brimming with diverse or bizarre flora and fauna.
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