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The Veiled Wave

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On a sunny afternoon, people on the Croc Tooth Isles were spending their day as usual, when it happened: the sea in the north rose towards the sky. People first didn't understand what was happening, until a rumble could be heard and the spray on top of the incoming front of water could be seen. Everyone was running for their life, but there was nowhere to go. With the many dozen islands having an elevation of only up to 30 feet, not a single spot was secure enough to protect people from the incoming waters.
The giant wave swept over the islands, taking everything with it, leaving the islands without a single hut or tree, just wiping them clean. Everone tried to get away in their boats and ships, yet many of them died when their boats broke or turned over.   Only 800 of previously 10,000 Khajari survived and gathered at the former main isle withing the next few weeks.   The tribe's shamans started looking for a way to survive future calamities like that, and they found a solution. They performed ritual that took them several days and allowed their ships to cruise the air as if it was water.
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A world full of wonders.
SC2020: Write about the events of a devastating natural disaster in your world, either past or present.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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