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In spite of the fact that the majority of species have been eradicated from Zaxor, the territory remains very hostile and dangerous to anybody who ventures there. The Dashani expedition teams that advanced into the region either never returned or had to leave the area quickly, with heavy losses. The members of The Hand of Aziz in Parafifi have collected all information about the expeditions made in their library inside the Hall of Aziz:  
The Zaxor expeditions

After the power drain brought by the rune stones caused practically all life in Zaxor to become extinct, the moment had come for the Insectoids to take over. A select few insects were able to take in the power emanating from the stones, and as a result, they grew to be larger and more intellectual than their predecessors, all without the need to consume actual food. These many species are extremely hostile against one another and will battle against anything that invades their territory.
About the Libelluloids

They are ferocious fighters, with powerful wings and a rippling mass of muscle. Using their four arms, they are able to rip apart any prey in a matter of seconds, but due to the size of their wings, they are unable to carry any load. The Libellouloids construct their hives in the dark crevices of the mountains and then connect these hives with extensive cave networks. Because direct exposure to light causes them to lose their vision, they are unable to leave their hives until it is pitch black outside.
About the Mantids

Their lairs, which are vast underground chambers, are hidden amongst the hills of Zaxor. Each of these chambers is home to hundreds of Mantids. The Mantids compensate the lack of physical strength with magical effects like psychic scream, paralysis, or lightning bolt.
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Secrets: What really happened

When the Zaxori finally realised that the large quantity of rune stones triggered the draining of power from living beings, it was nearly too late for them to take any action; within a matter of days, people, animals, and plants withered and died. The researchers sought to discover a cure, but one skilled member after another began to pass away. Despite their efforts, they were unable to find a remedy. They did, however, discover that certain insects of a smaller size did not interfere with the drainage. It appeared like their body physics protected them from injury. After a brief argument, they came to the conclusion that the best way to buy themselves more time to figure out a workable answer to their predicament was to carry out a rite that would change the survivors' bodies. The body of a mantis should be given to the researchers, and the bodies of dragonflies should be given to everyone else.   It took many hours to begin the ritual, but just as it was about to reach its conclusion, two of the casters passed away, leaving the ceremony incomplete. The converted individuals were trapped in insectoid bodies, and they could only act according to their base instincts, unable to understand abstract concepts.
The researchers have maintained their capacity to cast spells, but they are only employing this talent for defensive purposes. As long as their bodies are able to feed on the power that is released by the rune stones, the insectoids remain immune to the effects of ageing and will also heal in a few days after a fight. However, if an insectiod's body is getting destroyed or burned, it is not recovering. In the event that the insectoids are returned to their natural shape, their brains will return to normal in a matter of months, providing that they are regularly presented with knowledge on their history.   A fact the expeditions to Zaxor got wrong: as long as an intruder does not approach their hives or nests, the insectoids in Zaxor will not aggressively attack automatically. The Dashani missions made the fatal error of breaking into the dwellings of the insectoids, which prompted an instant and lethal response from the inhabitants for the sole purpose of defense.
Scientific Name
Libelluloids / Mantids
Geographic Distribution


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