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Library of Siklios

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The Library of Siklios is an ancient and mysterious library located in the deserts of Zaxor. It was built by a long-forgotten civilization and has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. Little is known about its origin, although some believe it to be the work of a powerful mage who wanted to preserve knowledge from past ages.  
The library itself is massive, with thousands upon thousands of shelves filled with books written in languages that are both unknown and lost to time. Many adventurers have ventured into this forbidden place seeking out its secrets, but only a few have ever returned alive after facing the deadly creatures that lurk within these walls. Legends speak of great treasures hidden deep within its depths as well as powerful artefacts capable of unleashing immense magical power if used properly - all waiting for those brave enough to seek them out.   Little else is known about the Library of Siklios except for one thing: no matter what you may find inside, you must never take any book or artefact from it without permission from those who guard it; otherwise, dire consequences may follow.  

Using the library

To retrieve any useful information from the library, the researcher must be fluent in at least one language of the Eastern Continent of Kundi. Additional languages will provide a bonus, as the scrolls in the library are written in a mix of several ancient versions of them, as the Zaxori were not a separate community but had many visitors from all over the continent, who often came to stay and participate in research projects.   The top floor contains newer books that are easier to access and were written in the past decade, for example, the records about the rune stones. To understand these, one must be able to understand the arcane symbols used on them (any caster can do this).  
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  The Lost Scrolls of Ilak: These scrolls, if authenticated, could potentially provide us with a unique insight into the life and times of one of history‚Äôs most famous figures of Dashan. It is believed that these documents contain previously unknown details about his campaigns and conquests, as well as secrets for successful military strategies.   A map showing Alantoa: While many have long suspected that this legendary island may have existed somewhere beneath the sea, no physical evidence has ever been found. If proved authentic, this map promises to answer many questions regarding its true location while also providing us with clues that could lead us directly towards uncovering its mysterious past once and for all.   The Oracle of Utopia: It details a utopian society that existed in a distant land thousands of years ago, where all citizens lived in harmony and peace without conflict or strife. The text outlines how this society achieved such prosperity through its advanced technology, spiritual wisdom, and enlightened leadership. If this manuscript were to be published, it would challenge many long-held beliefs about the history of Alana.   Beyond Time and Space: The second document is an account of travellers who crossed into another dimension beyond our own reality. According to their testimony, they encountered strange creatures and landscapes unlike anything they had ever seen before in this world, including civilizations that seemed to exist outside of time itself. This document could prove revolutionary if published since it offers evidence for alternate realities existing beyond our own limited perception of what is real.   Tome of the Wilderness: Finally, there is an old set of scrolls that contain information about powerful magic rituals used by ancient wizards and priests that could grant them incredible powers over the forces of nature. These rituals are said to have been able to control weather patterns, summon spirits from other realms, and even create objects out of thin air. The tome's pages look like large, dried leaves, and its cover is a large piece of bark.


The entrance of the library is a stone building with a few towers; stairs are leading down several floors. From this central core floors lead into all directions, and each floor has more floors branching away on both sides.

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