Locations in Alana
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  • House of Pain
  • Baramalungu
  • Floxville
    Village at the westcoast of Bridgeport County. Mushrooms.
  • Holinda
    Important coastal village in Bridgeport County,
    connects Bridgeport to the northern sea.
  • Mag Mell
    Realm of the Fae.
  • Alana
    A world full of wonders.
  • Bridgeport County
    Most southern part of Farenia.
  • Tasdale
    A small village at the eastcoast of Bridgeport County.
  • City of Glass
  • Thunder
    Small village at the westcoast of Bridgeport County.
  • Bundabhadra
    The great river.
  • Bridgeport
    The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
    Bridgeport by Tillerz using MidJourney

Cover image: article-header-village by Tillerz using MidJourney
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