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The brightest star visible above Dashan is called Aziz. It is worshipped by the Dashani tribes as a great goddess, with the Ondar being the Speaker of her Words. Due to its brightness, it is visible even during clear days, making the Dashani believe that their goddess is there for them at any time. Its changing colours of yellow, orange and red reflect in the cloth colours of the members of The Hand of Aziz, the religious group that is spreading Aziz' word. Apprentices wear yellow robes, regular members wear a mix of yellow and orange, and the Ondar finally has red accents on top of the basic yellow and orange robes.  
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When Janono and the Mungoom forged their pact, they invented the story of the great goddess Aziz. Janono would create a religion that provided a soul for the entity every year under the cover of a performed ritual, and the entity would feed Words of Aziz back to make the goddess appear real. Janono didn't expect the religion become a major thing, and his War-King status soon became irrelevant and finally forgotten, except by the Followers of Ilak, who silently work on a reinstallment of the old War-Kings.   The days of Aziz are counted, as the star will collapse any time within the next few decades and vanish from Alana's sky. The sudden disappearance of their "goddess" might create quite some turmoil amongst the religious Dashani and make the Followers of Ilak rise and reestablish the War-Kings to keep order in place and lead the Dashani through times of disorientation. They are spreading rumours about an impending calamity that only a true War-King can overcome. As if they knew Aziz would vanish, but it is only one of many random seeds they planted, that might sprout if the Ondar proves to be not strong enough for leading people without being backed by their goddess.   Note: If you want to mix more science/space into the fantasy, Aziz can also be a satellite or star ship observing the planet.


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Hi Tillerz!   I liked the idea of a star being visible during the day, which makes people think that "their goddess is there for them at any time" and the gaming hook of having it disappear, which will stir things up.   But, your article is currently under 300 words! If you already knew, then disregard my comment. If you were not, time to come up with 100 more words ;)

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