Followers of Ilak

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The Followers of Ilak are a minority in Dashan that cannot cope with the fact that the former strength of the war-kings has been replaced by people who are only strong with words and are worshipping a deity in the sky. Some of them want a strong and expanding Dashan, others are Followers just because there see better opportunities for making more money by a war-waging country with a standing army.   Any time, the country or a region is struggling because of attacks from the outside, or any time some kind of calamity hits the county, they pull out the Scrolls of Ilak, a former war-king. Every single one of his writings concludes that the country can only survive if it is ruled by a strong and fearless war-king.


Common Dress code

The robes and armours of the Followers of Ilak are dark, mostly black or dark grey with red accents with high-ranked Followers having more accents in red than those on lower ranks, new members wear plain robes without accents.

Coming of Age Rites

In the past 20 years, the Followers have established their own schools in every medium or larger city, teaching Ilak's ideals and training kids in weapon usage at the age of six. About a quarter of all children already visit theses Schools of Ilak. At the age of 16, they undergo the ritual of maturity, which includes tiring competitions and a harsh cross-country race. Back in the times of the war-kings, the best participants joined the military and reached the highest ranks. Most war-kings had their origin in these.

Funerary and Memorial customs

While most Dashani burn their dead, the Followers bury their dead in special tombs in nearby mountains as it was the practice during the reign of the war-kings. This should allow their soul to return when the right time has come.

Common Taboos

Even being one of the strongest war-kings, Janono has been banned from the Followers' vocabulary as he brought the end to the war-kings' ruling by constructing a religion, his name is used as a curse. Praising him or goddess Aziz will be followed by punishment.

Historical figures

The former war-king Ilak is the most important figure in the history of the Followers, as he wrote hundreds of documents about war, war-kings, and about holding the country together.
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