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Ondar is the title of the spiritual leader of the Dashani and the highest rank of The Hand of Aziz. The current Ondar is the 34 years old woman Lobal. She's residing in the Hall of Aziz, the official temple of Aziz in Parafifi.


When an Ondar is getting too old for climbing the Tanaan in the summer, he points out the next person to take over his position. The last time, however, the Ondar died without a designated successor, but a baby was found right then in the centre of the temple. People took this as a sign of Aziz and made the baby the next Ondar. No Ritual of Aziz was happening for several years until the girl Lobal reached the age of 16, where she was old enough for the ritual and trained in the ways of the Ondar.


The Ondar leads the Dashani with prophecies and wise words from Aziz. She is also intermediating disputes where local members of The Hand of Aziz fail to find a proper solution. This is usually happening in the morning at the Hall of Aziz, where she will listen to everyone that comes before her.


An acting Ondar is living in the temple and is catered and endowed by the members of The Hand of Aziz. This does not change at resignment, except that the Ondar is moving into a nearby building to make room for his successor.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The robes of the Ondar consist of light panels of yellow, orange and red fabric, with orange trousers for male Ondar and a knee-length orange skirts for female Ondar. Regular members of the Hand of Aziz only wear the colours yellow and orange.
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Religious, Special
Source of Authority
People just listen to the Ondar because she is the religious authority, and right now there are no other authorities that would rival her.
Length of Term
The Ondar carries this title for a lifetime or until resigning.
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