"Hey you, psst! Yes, you! Do you need things?"
"You know, things! The things you don't get on the market. I got them all, for the right price!"
Bridgeport is one of the major human founded cities and the central city of Bridgeport County, which covers the only land connection between the Western Continent of Boresia and the Central Continent of Qail. If you are trying to find something to buy, Bridgeportal is probably the best location for finding it.
The region is mediterranean with usually warm and sunny weather and occasional rain. The surroundings are covered with mixed forests and glassland, the south towards Qail is covered in swamps and dead trees.
The city is known for being ruled by a council of high ranked guild members and noble families, called Council of Ten.
People in Bridgeport all have their own little problems and secrets, but there are many things going on from personal to world level.


The Council of Ten is ruling Bridgeport.


Bridgeport is surrounded by heavy walls with several towers. The Zhentarim have a small stronghold outside of the city.

Industry & Trade

The city has been on its own for a long time and had no interest in trade with anyone else, but became finally part of the Farenian Empire when the Council of Ten decided that it was in the best interest of all Bridgeport's traders to have access to the Farenian market without the "outsider" taxes.   Main export products are spices, cheese, fabric, vegetables, fur, fish and peat.


There are several wells spread around the city, and the Thunder river is splitting it in half, being crossed by several wooden bridges. The city has a well working sewer system. Most streets are cobbled and wide enough for waggons.   One of the bigger ventures of the city is a mandate from the Farenian Empire: build a channel across the land bridge to connect the seas on its north and south side.


Current year: 2861 PB
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