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Floxville, a picturesque coastal village nestled along the winding road between Arkale and Uxdom, is a haven for those seeking the serene embrace of nature. With its breathtaking views of the sea and rolling hills, this tranquil hamlet is home to a close-knit community of approximately 170 residents.   Life in Floxville revolves around the bounty of the land and sea. The villagers, known for their resourcefulness, primarily sustain themselves through two distinct but equally vital livelihoods: fishing and mushroom cultivation. The azure waters of the nearby sea offer an abundance of fish, while the lush forests surrounding the village provide fertile ground for cultivating a variety of exotic mushrooms.   While modest in size, the village thrives on its self-sufficiency and the strong sense of community that binds its inhabitants. In the evenings, residents gather in the village square to share tales of the day's adventures, their laughter mingling with the soothing sounds of the nearby waves. The village is not without its fair share of mysteries and secrets, hidden within the dense forests and rocky coves that surround it, waiting to be discovered by those curious enough to explore its enchanting environs.   Travellers passing through Floxville often find solace in its simplicity and warmth, making it a memorable stop along the coastal road between Arkale and Uxdom. The village's charm lies not only in its breathtaking natural beauty but also in the hearts of its resilient and welcoming residents, who have forged a harmonious existence between land and sea.


Noteworthy Inhabitants

Eldra, the Luminescent Mushroom Farmer
Eldra is an elderly woman with silver hair and a perpetual twinkle in her eye. She is always seen wearing a tattered straw hat, which she claims brings good luck to her mushroom cultures.   Profession: Eldra is the village's luminescent mushroom farmer, known for cultivating the most radiant and sought-after mushrooms in the region.  
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Rumours: Eldra often shares stories of mysterious lights and eerie music emanating from the depths of Floxville Grotto. She believes they are the whispers of the mushroom spirits.
Secrets: Eldra knows the location of a hidden passage within the grotto that leads to a chamber filled with luminescent mushrooms of unparalleled beauty. She guards this secret closely, fearing it may attract treasure hunters.
Captain Finneas, the Seafarer
He is a tall and weathered man with a perpetual squint from years spent at sea. His white beard and salty attire give him the appearance of a true seafarer.   Profession: Captain Finneas is the seasoned leader of the village's fishing fleet, renowned for his navigational skills and knowledge of the sea.  
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Rumours: Captain Finneas tells tales of an enormous sea creature he once glimpsed during a storm, suggesting that it may be guarding a hidden underwater treasure.
Secrets: He possesses an ancient sea chart that marks the locations of treacherous underwater currents and hidden reefs, a vital resource for the safety of Floxville's fishermen.
Merrin, the Grotto Explorer
He is a young, energetic man with a perpetual backpack filled with maps, notebooks, and various trinkets. His appearance suggests a passion for exploration.   Profession: Merrin is a curious adventurer who has made it his mission to explore the Floxville Grotto and uncover its secrets.  
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Rumours: Merrin is well-versed in the legends of the lost Queendom of Shroomeria and believes that the entrance to this mystical realm lies hidden within the grotto's depths.
Secrets: Merrin possesses a small, enchanted lantern that emits a gentle, guiding glow when near hidden entrances or chambers within the grotto. He uses it to navigate the labyrinthine passages.
Gerta, the Village Herbalist
She is a wise and gentle woman with a crown of wildflowers adorning her grey hair. Her eyes sparkle with knowledge and kindness.   Profession: Gerta is the village herbalist, skilled in concocting remedies and potions using mushrooms and herbs from the surrounding forests.  
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Rumours: Gerta is rumoured to have discovered a rare, healing mushroom deep within the grotto that can cure ailments and injuries that no other remedy can.
Secrets: She possesses a hidden chamber beneath her cottage where she cultivates a unique and highly potent strain of mushrooms that enhance her herbal remedies. This secret ingredient is the source of her remarkable healing prowess.
Thoren, the Mysterious Fisherman
He is a rugged and quiet man, often seen gazing out at the sea with an intensity that suggests a profound connection to the water.   Profession: Thoren is a solitary fisherman known for venturing into the deepest, most enigmatic waters in search of the rarest fish.  
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Rumours: Villagers whisper that Thoren has seen eerie, ghostly lights flickering beneath the waves during his late-night fishing expeditions, hinting at underwater mysteries.
Secrets: Thoren has a concealed chamber within his cottage where he keeps a collection of mysterious, glowing stones retrieved from the ocean floor. He believes they hold ancient, otherworldly powers.
Elsie, the Grotto Guardian
She is a tall, ethereal woman with hair as dark as night and eyes that seem to hold the secrets of the cosmos. Her presence exudes an aura of protective energy.   Profession: Elsie spends her days near the entrance to the Floxville Grotto, watching over the villagers as they enter and exit.  
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Rumours: Some villagers believe that Elsie has the ability to communicate with the mushroom spirits and receive visions of future events within the grotto.
Secrets: Elsie has gathered an abundance of information from the mushroom people regarding the various fungi inhabiting the cave. In her quaint home, she maintains a weathered journal where she diligently records these details.   Elsie is watching Merrin closely to keep him away from the secrets of the cave (the entrance to Shroomeria).


Village at the westcoast of Bridgeport County. Mushrooms.

Points of interest

The Azure Anchor Inn
  The Azure Anchor Inn stands at the heart of Floxville, overlooking the tranquil village square. It is a cosy, two-story building with a thatched roof and bright blue window shutters. The inn's interior exudes warmth, with wooden beams and rustic furnishings. It serves as the central gathering place for villagers and travellers alike, offering hearty seafood dishes and mushroom delicacies.  
Mysticshroom Apothecary
  Nestled amidst the fragrant mushroom groves, the Mysticshroom Apothecary is a small, ivy-covered cottage. Its quaint exterior belies the treasures within. The apothecary is renowned for its collection of rare mushrooms and herbs, as well as a wide range of mystical potions and remedies, all brewed by the skilled herbalist, Gerta.  
Moonlit Pier
  The Moonlit Pier extends gracefully into the Green Sea, its wooden planks illuminated by softly glowing lanterns at night. Local fishermen dock their boats here, and it serves as a bustling hub for trade as well as a serene spot for residents and visitors to watch the moon's reflection dance on the water.  
Eldra's Luminescent Mushroom Farm
  Eldra's farm, located on the outskirts of the village, is a captivating sight. Her luminescent mushrooms create an otherworldly glow in the evening. The farm consists of carefully tended plots where these unique mushrooms flourish, their ethereal light illuminating the area like a field of stars.  
Grox's General Store
  Grox's General Store is a modest but well-stocked shop that caters to the daily needs of Floxville's residents. Barrels of dried fish, shelves of preserved vegetables, and an array of supplies can be found here. Grox, the friendly shopkeeper, is known for his stories and willingness to barter for unique items.  
Thoren's Seaside Cabin
  Perched on the edge of the coastal cliffs, Thoren's cabin is a solitary abode overlooking the sea. Its rough-hewn wooden exterior blends seamlessly with the natural landscape. Inside, a cosy hearth, maps, and nautical curiosities speak to Thoren's life as a seasoned fisherman.  
The Starlit Shrine
  A serene shrine located near the Moonlit Pier, the Starlit Shrine is adorned with seashells and bioluminescent stones. It is a place where villagers gather to offer gratitude to the sea and seek blessings for safe voyages. During full moons, the shrine is bathed in an ethereal, calming light.  
The Whispering Forest
  A dense forest surrounds Floxville, known as the Whispering Forest due to the gentle, melodic rustling of leaves in the wind. This enchanting woodland is home to various flora and fauna, including the elusive Whispering Willows, whose bark is said to hold secrets.  
The Floxville Grotto Entrance
  A weathered stone archway with bioluminescent mushrooms adorning it serves as the Floxville Grotto's entrance. It serves as both an enigmatic gateway to the hidden world beneath and a warning of the mysteries that lie within. Elsie, the guardian, keeps a watchful eye here, ensuring the safety of those who venture inside.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.
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The Hidden Underwater Caverns: Beneath the seemingly calm waters near Floxville lie a series of hidden underwater caverns. Local fishermen and a few villagers have explored parts of these mysterious caves, rumored to hold ancient artifacts and precious gems. The true extent and secrets of these caverns remain unknown.   Luminescent Mushroom Cultivation: While the villagers sell luminescent mushrooms to traders and merchants, they keep a closely guarded secret. They have discovered a unique method of cultivating these mushrooms, enhancing their natural bioluminescence. This secret process allows the mushrooms to glow even brighter, making them extremely valuable to those who appreciate their ethereal beauty.   The Tale of the Mysterious Shipwreck: The villagers tell stories of a legendary shipwreck that occurred many years ago off the coast of Floxville. The ship is said to have carried priceless cargo and treasures from distant lands. Some believe that remnants of this shipwreck remain hidden beneath the sea, waiting to be discovered.   The Lost Queendom of Shroomeria: Deep within the heart of Floxville Grotto, hidden beneath layers of luminescent mushrooms and the ruins of an ancient civilization, lies the entrance to a secret and mystical queendom known as Shroomeria. This subterranean realm is inhabited by a unique society of mushroom people who possess ancient wisdom and powerful magic.  

Plot Hooks

The Mycologist's Dream: An eccentric mycologist seeks the party's assistance in collecting rare and exotic mushrooms from the depths of the grotto for her groundbreaking research. Alongside the scientific discoveries, the mycologist believes that the key to understanding a mysterious and ancient mushroom-based ritual lies hidden within the caverns.   Mysterious Illness: An unusual illness begins spreading among the villagers of Floxville, causing them to exhibit mushroom-like growths. The party must investigate the source of the illness and find a cure. Their journey leads them deeper into the grotto, where they uncover a dark secret connected to Shroomeria's magic.   Shroomeria Diplomacy: The mushroom people of Shroomeria, concerned about increased human activity near the grotto, request the party's assistance in negotiating with the villagers of Floxville. Tensions are rising due to the potential exploitation of the grotto's resources. The adventurers must find a way to establish peaceful coexistence or prevent a conflict from erupting.

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