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At the northeast coast of Bridgeport County lies the small village Yolo. It is inhabited by a small and happy group of sheep farmers. The most exciting event during a day is the birth of a sheep.   But once a month it is happening. All sheep farmers prepare for the big race down to Syrgos. They gather when the sun comes up, and then run as fast as they can down the 20 miles to Syrgos. It doesn't matter though who arrives first, some even stop for a lengthy rest with some sleep and a proper meal. The main goal is to arrive in Syrgos, shout "YOLO!" and get drunk until falling over.   In the late afternoon carts bring the drunk farmers back to their homes.



Industry & Trade

Sheep. Meat and wool mostly.


This part of the County has been empty for a long time, until a sheep of a farmer in Syrgos ran away. The farmer chased it all the way to this far end of the County. He decided to move there, and other farmers followed soon. The run from Syrgos to Yolo (but in the other direction) became a monthly tradition.


All houses in Yolo are relatively small, mostly built from wood, some few have stone walls. The roofs are covered with reed.

Natural Resources

Sheep, there's nothing else than sheep. Sheep all day and sheep all night, baaah!
Bridgeport County
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