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Temple of the Five

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The Temple of the Five is a sacred place located in the city of Bridgeport. The temple building has five separate temples, each dedicated to one of the Old Gods, who are worshipped by many different cultures. Each temple represents one of these gods and their domains: Ademnis (agriculture, earth, fertility, harmony, and life Khuros (air, fate, light, truth, and war Phex (darkness, death, fire, and stasis Senestra (dreams, love, movement, spirit, and water and Ymon (chaos, disorder, illusion, and luck).  
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  Each temple contains statues or reliefs depicting its respective god as well as various artefacts related to that deity. All of the temples have altars where worshippers can offer prayers or sacrifices; some even contain elaborate shrines with offerings such as incense or food. In addition to these places for worship within each temple, there is also a central area that acts as a communal gathering space for all five gods where rituals may be held or ceremonies performed.   The Temple of the Five is said to be especially powerful when it comes to connecting people with their spiritual side through ritualistic practises – whether it’s meditating on each god’s domain separately or unifying them into one being during special events like solstices and equinoxes – allowing those who visit here to gain insight from their deities in order to better understand themselves and make wise decisions in life.  
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When Bridgeport was founded over 400 years ago, there was a sixth Old God called Zaroth. He was worshipped first by miners as the god of fire and earth, but groups of travelling pilgrims spread the knowledge of Zaroth all over the continent. His followers believed that he had created the world and that the origin of everything was fire. They also believed that he could provide them with wealth and prosperity if they followed his teachings faithfully.   Unfortunately, as time went on, Zaroth's followers became corrupted by his evil influence and began to offer human sacrifices to him instead of just animals or food offerings. This caused great outrage among those who already opposed Zaroth's religion. In response, the current king of the Farenian Empire forbade the worship of Zaroth throughout his lands in order to prevent any further atrocities from taking place in his name. Despite this setback, however, there were still some who refused to abandon their faith in Zaroth even after it was made illegal by all other governments on the Boresian continent, too. Today, there are still small sects devoted to worshipping this god ("The Unspeakable") despite centuries-old prohibitions against it, although these groups remain largely underground due to potential legal repercussions should they be discovered by authorities.
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Temple of the Five
Temple of the Five Gods in Bridgeport.

Alternative Names
House of Divinity
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
The Old Gods

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