Cheese of the Month

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The event is hosted by the League of Cheese Aficionados (LOCA) at The Salty Cardinal tavern in Bridgeport. Everyone can participate by paying an entrance fee of five gold and gets provided with a good amount of cheese and wine.   At 10.30 am the tavern will open, with the event to begin at 11 am. A member of LOCA will give a lecture on cheese making, cheese ingredients, his favourite cheese, what goes best with cheese, and most probably rant about how cheese was better twenty years ago. During the lecture, some common cheeses, bread, grapes and one selected cheese will be offered to all participants.   Due to current developments in Syrgos, the next events are threatened by lack of cheese, which would be a disaster for the League. Members are frantically trying to solve the current conflict and save the event, as some of the noble visitors were already unhappy with the event execution in the past two months and might abstain the event in the future completely.  


The League was founded about 35 years ago by a handful of Bridgeport nobles, who were dining at an expensive inn and were claiming that they already had eaten each and every type of cheese ever produced. One of them, owner of a trading company and having many connections to far-off countries, made a bet that he could provide a new cheese each month, for years. He won the bet, and the cheese tasting continued. The visitors changed, the location changed and a fee was established. At some point, previous cheese varieties reappeared and in the last few years, every cheese has been provided by the cheesemakers of Syrgos. The whole event degenerated and noble financiers of the event threaten to withdraw their sponsorship. Some of the League members fear unemployment, as they completely relied on the left-over money for years without doing any actual job besides setting up a room and get some food for the event once a month.
SC2020: Write about a food-focussed event in your world and describe how it's celebrated.
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