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Hall of Soldi

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Nestled within the humble Flintlock district of Bridgeport, the Hall of Soldi stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of the lower class. For many years, it has been a gathering place where people could voice their grievances and concerns, hoping for change that often seemed elusive. The hall's worn wooden doors have welcomed countless souls seeking a voice, their impassioned pleas echoing through its walls.   The Hall of Soldi was never a place of pomp or grandeur, but its value lay in its simplicity and accessibility. In its heyday, candlelight flickered within, illuminating the faces of passionate speakers, their words hanging like stars in the darkened room. However, despite the earnestness of their discussions, decisions made within these walls rarely bore fruit. The Council of Ten often seemed deaf to the voices of the downtrodden; their concerns were brushed aside like dust on a shelf.  
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  Today, the Hall of Soldi bears the marks of neglect and wear, mirroring the fate of its people. The roof is tattered, allowing rain to seep in and stain the once-grand interior. A portion of its eastern wall now lies in ruins. Rumours circulate through the Flintlock district, accusing the Gnome Workshop, situated on the east side of the hall, of being responsible for the damage. Yet, like the many cries of injustice that have echoed through its halls, these accusations too have fallen on deaf ears. Naturally, the gnomes deny every involvement.   The Tenners seem more than eager to wash their hands of the building's fate and profit from its sale to any willing buyer with a proposal for its use. As discussions within the Council chambers revolve around its potential sale, the people of Flintlock are left with a bittersweet hope that someone may come forward to revive the hall's once-cherished role in the community.  
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Hidden Resistance: Despite its lack of influence in recent times, a clandestine group of activists still uses the Hall of Soldi as a covert meeting place. They gather in secret to strategize against the oppressive rule of the Council of Ten, working to bring about a new era of justice and equality (see Ame-Li).   Secret Passage: Local legends speak of a hidden passage beneath the Hall of Soldi that leads to a network of tunnels beneath the city, which stretch from the harbour in the west to the cemetary in the northeast of Bridgeport. Some people think that spies or thieves once used these tunnels.   The Gnomish Proposition: Gnome Workshop sees potential in the Hall of Soldi and proposes a joint venture with the Council of Ten. They wish to renovate the building and transform it into a hub for innovation and magical technology. However, not all gnomes are in agreement, and a faction within the workshop demands to use the hall for their secretive tinkering experiments, leading to internal conflicts and a(nother) potential disaster.  

Plot Hooks

Lost Contract: A forgotten contract between the city and a long-gone guild is discovered within the debris of the fallen wall. This contract may grant rights to valuable resources or land, igniting a legal battle between modern guilds and the city council over who rightfully owns these assets.   Haunted Echoes: It is believed that the ghosts of those who fought for equality and justice inside the Hall of Soldi are still present. Clochards looking for a sleeping place and patrolling Black Guard members have reported hearing faint whispers and feeling a lingering sense of sadness and unrest. Unravelling the source of these spectral echoes could lead to revelations about the city's past.   The Council's Decision: The Council of Ten is deeply divided over the fate of the Hall of Soldi. Some council members advocate for its preservation, while others push for its demolition to make way for a new district expansion. The party is drawn into the political intrigue and must influence the council's final decision, which will impact the future of the Flintlock district or maybe even the whole city. It's the year 2863, and the hall was built 300 years ago. Wouldn't it be great to have it reopened for its anniversary?   The Fae Connection: The Hall of Soldi is unknowingly situated atop an ancient fae nexus. The magical energy emanating from the nexus is affecting the ruins and causing wild fluctuations in the surrounding area. The players must uncover the hidden fae connection, prevent the magical disturbances from escalating, and determine if the fae have a specific purpose for the hall and its surroundings. A visit to Mag Mell via Makari might be in order.

2863 PB
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2563 PB
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I knew I should've known the fate of the Hall of Soldi by the tense used in the beginning, and then I scrolled down and it was a ruined building... Even a hardly listened to voice is still a voice, and I'd be one of those sad to see the state it's in. </3 This article is a beautifully formatted and interesting read. I also love the way that it stopped on a cliffhanger and gave gm info/plot hooks, effectively illustrating that the Hall of Soldi (and Alana) is still moving forward into the future compared to when the article was written. It's a great way to generate excitement for readers/players, and definitely worked on me.

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Glad you liked it. And yeah, I try to make everything a point of interest, even a long forgotten and wrecked building. :)

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