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Crooked House

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The Crooked House is an inn and tavern well known for its mushroom dishes, in fact there are no other dishes at all. A team of kendrics serves all dishes within minutes.

Purpose / Function

The building serves as tavern and inn.  
mushroom manchurian (5s, hot)
mushroom biryani (2s)
kadai mushroom dry (3s)
kadai mushroom gravy (4s)
mushroom & peas curry (2s)
aloo mushroom masala (2s)
methi mushroom (2s)
chilli mushroom (2s)
mushroom tikka (3s)
palak mushroom (1s)
mushroom matar makhani (2s)
matar mushroom (1s)
dhingri dolma (5c)
mushroom pulao (6c)
mushroom vindaloo (1s)
mushroom dum biryani (6c)
mushroom cheese omelette (4c)
mushroom rice (4c)
mushroom caldin (3c)
mushroom chili fry (1s, hot)
mushroom fried rice (6c)
mushroom roast (1s)
cream of mushroom soup (6c)
creamy mushroom pasta (4c)
garlic mushroom (4c)


This is GM information


  Sane: Female Halfling Soldier, Neutral. Sane is tall, with white hair and brown eyes. She wears studded leather and wields a bastard sword and heavy crossbow. Sane seeks a company of adventurers to recover her spear from the goblin who stole it.

Gili: Female Dwarf Craftsman, Good. Gili has brown hair and dark green eyes. She wears sturdy clothing and a green cloak. Gili compulsively plays with a copper coin.

Bada Male Human Entertainer, Neutral. Bada is short and thin, with gray hair and blue eyes. He wears tailored clothing and carries a fine stiletto. Bada seeks an illusionist to apprentice under.

Lindiore: Male Elf Scofflaw, Good. Lindiore has tangled black hair and dark gray eyes, and a thick moustache. He wears travel-stained clothing and a wooden holy symbol. Lindiore blames trolls for every misfortune.

Askat: Female Dwarf Craftsman, Good. Askat has matted brown hair and sharp hazel eyes. She wears sturdy clothing and a wide-brimmed hat. Askat seeks a wizard to apprentice under.

Gery: Male Human Entertainer, Good. Gery has red hair and large brown eyes. He wears expensive clothing and several pouches hang from his belt. Gery seeks an illusionist to apprentice under.


The house has been broken and repaired many times because of the instable/moving ground it has been built on. First an annoyance, this is now one of the trademarks of the inn.  
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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MUSHROOMS.   I love how different all the halflings are. They sound like some great characters! :D

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