Warehouse III

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For many centuries the collectors of Warehouse III have been keeping an eye on strange occurrences that may get traced back to the effects of a malicious item. If such an item gets discovered, a Warehouse employee will fetch it, catalogue it and secure it in the depths of the Warehouse's storage.   The Warehouse's location lies in the rocks of the northern parts of Bridgeport, its entrance hidden by The Conservatory, a small and delicate tower made from marble and glass, surrounded by and containing an endless number of rare and foreign plants. The owners pretend to be wealthy collectors and nature lovers. Anyone asking is being shown around and gets a lecture about any plant they want to hear about.  
Plektrum Rockbreaker by Dean Spencer
One of the two people officially connected to The Conservatory is Plektrum Rockbreaker, a dwarf immigrating from Skulk many years ago. He is usually driving around in a closed carriage pulled by two black stallions.  
Grandolph Grieck by Dean Spencer
The other person is an orc called Grandolph Grieck, who likes to smoke cigars and leave unpleasant discussions by distracting people by blowing smoke rings and flowers and then vanishing quickly into the opposite direction.   Both men wear fancy clothing and tophats and are Honourable Men, rarely missing any of that organization's events. They also hold lectures about the plants of The Conservatory.


Warehouse I was founded 373 PB in Zaxor, Warehouse II in Bonoloku followed 1320 PB. There has been a breach of security and disclosure of Warehouse I's activities around 1189 PB, forcing its employees to go into hiding for almost a century. The unofficial logo of the organization depicts the pyramid that has gotten secretly repurposed to serve as storage for Warehouse I.

Plot Hooks

Plektrum and Grandolf have an eye on the party's actions. If it shows good behaviour (good as alignment), they will first try to hire them for jobs through agents. If that works out, they will contact them directly. They will only reveal the secret operations and the purpose of the Warehouse to the party if it has shown a high level of loyalty and respect.
SC2021: an old or ancient organization which still casts a shadow
Founding Date
373 PB
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