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In comparison to the School of Arcane Arts, the Arcane Academy has a much greater emphasis placed upon practical application rather than just theory – here students will learn how to use their powers effectively in combat situations by learning various forms defensive/offensive spells & enchantments which can be used against enemies either physical or magical in nature. They also practice forming new alliances between themselves via cooperative rituals involving multiple casters working together towards a common purpose (e.g healing wounds etc) - all while taking into account any potential risks involved during such activities due its inherently dangerous nature.   Despite its reputation as a place where nothing sinister ever happens, some say there are secrets hidden within these walls… secrets which not even its teachers may know about… one thing is certain: if you want to explore the depths of sorcery then look no further than here.  
by Aaron Lee


Voran EaglestareWizard - Conjuration, Abjuration, Spell Research
Kal AltanBard - Illusions, Performance, Intimidation
FreyaSorcerer - Necromancy, Enchantments, Item Creation, Insight
GalenCleric - Evocation, Medicine, History
ErikaPaladin - Divination, Battle Magic, Religion
SamsonDruid - Transmutation, Animal Handling, Creature Study, Survival
  Every year during the Summer Solstice Festival, students at the Arcane Academy come together for an exclusive event called "The Summoning." It's a night when all manner of mystical creatures can be summoned from other realms using special spells taught at the academy.  
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Vault of Infinite Lore - The Arcane Academy is home to a hidden archive of ancient magical texts and artifacts, known as the Vault of Infinite Lore. This collection contains powerful secrets that have been passed down through generations of magicians, so access is tightly restricted to only those with advanced knowledge and skill.   The Gates - All around Alana are secret portals leading into mysterious alternate dimensions where time moves differently than on Alana itself; these places are accessible only by experienced practitioners who know how to navigate them safely without getting lost or trapped inside forever! Students at the Arcane Academy learn how to locate and use these gateways for their own benefit.   Soul Sight - A selected group of older students possess a unique ability called “Soul Sight” which allows them see beyond physical reality into people’s spiritual essences—it grants insight into another person’s thoughts, motivations, desires…and sometimes their darkest secrets too. Using this ability upon a person without their permission is strictly forbidden. Yet some don't care and risk expulsion from the Arcane Academy.


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Starfarer Theta
30 Dec, 2022 17:53

I finally found an academy, and of the arcane arts no less! Now I need to figure out just how much to tell them about my specific brand of plight. I once openly told an institution about where I was from and some of the places I've been and they "helped" by performing experiments. Not sure if that is what will happen here considering some of the rumors I've already heard, so a traveler like myself might not be the strangest encounter they have had. Still, it is always best to exercise caution on first meeting so as to minimize my blunders.   I'm really hoping there is some kind of spell they keep knowledge of here that can help me jump to the next realm, wherever that may be if it- like always- is not my home. Got to pick something to try and give it your best go right? Even if it's to fix something you brought on yourself? I find that thought to be a little encouraging so there must be some good in it. - Nemo, World Traveler

31 Dec, 2022 07:26

Awesome! :D Thanks.

3 Jan, 2023 00:32

I have seen your name all over the place as I learn about WorldAnvil from Character Sheets/StatBlocks to this page. I'm very impressed with quality that is articles have and the way you've incorporated artwork. I'd love to learn how you and (WorldBuilder in General) did the thing with opening a window when the mouse hovers over a link. I think that is neat. Additionally the layout is just very clean. Again super impressed, helps me realize how much I have to learn, and how awesome this could be when I figure it out. And last sidenote, I'm glad the section thing with DM notes is the way I'm doing it. :)

3 Jan, 2023 07:31

Thanks! Also: the mouseover stuff for links is a default feature of WA. What it displays is the "vignette" (the first big text area) of the linked article. Settings Page of your world -> Display -> Global Options -> DISPLAY ARTICLE TOOLTIPS. :)

6 Jan, 2023 05:15

Thank you. Very helpful!

26 Jan, 2023 08:28

Nice academy,
I noticed the Druid teacher Samuel is linked to the Druid teacher Samson (I guess you somewhere did decide to switch the name during creation) ^^

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27 Jan, 2023 11:53

Whoops, yes. Renamed him and forgot some places. X-D It's because I added Delilah and thought Samson and Delilah to be a funny reference. :P

27 Jan, 2023 11:55

30 Jan, 2023 14:17

Welcome to the crossover between Alana and the Bible ^^
This Druid Schapeshiffter should better watch out for his hair or better fur... XD

Hey there, why not take a look at my Summer Camp entries or my Summercamp Reading challenge?   Or the all new On the shoulder of giants challenge
28 Jan, 2023 19:04

Einfach toll. Ich finde es immer wieder super, wie du kurz und prägnant sowohl für DM als auch Spieler Artikel darstellen kannst, die die wichtigsten Infos enthalten (oft ja auch mit Maps) und dann auch noch durch Bilder die Fantasie zusätzlich anregst. Das ist definitiv ein Beispiel für meine Reading Challenge.

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