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Margo Weedlebeam

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female gnome (chaotic neutral), 85cm, 22kg, auburn hair, grey eyes, pale skin
aroused+4, ambitious+3, mischievous+2, demanding+1
In Perelline, a city fair and old,
There lived a gnome, by name, Margo Weedlebeam,
A wizard rare, of wit and skill untold,
With magic at her fingertips supreme.

Her vest, of magic rare, doth hold within,
A power great, and strange, beyond compare,
For tentacles, that writhe and squirm within,
Arousal bring, and pleasure rare, to share.

And Margo, with her art of magic books,
And maps, that she doth print with skillful hand,
Hath aided Geertruud Smallbottom, a nook,
Who travels o'er the world of Alana grand.
  Margo grew up in Perelline together with her best friend Geertruud Smallbottom. Both started learning magic at the same time. But when Geertruud left to explore the world, Margo stayed behind and finished her education with a degree in illusion magic (summa cum laude).

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Margo Wheedlebeam by Tillerz using MidJourney

Mental characteristics


Margo is in a hot phase of her life and she would all the time and everywhere if she did not have so many things to do. Also she is impatiently awaiting the return of her friend Geertruud.


Smallbottom & Weedlebeam

Since Geertruud is sending stacks of paper with her work to Margo, she edits and publishes them with a little bit of help from her friends at the Gnome Workshop in Queenshaven, who have built a machine that can create many copies of pages in a short amount of time. The gnomes installed the machine in the basement of office, and once a month you can hear the thumping noise of the machine for a whole day, when one of the Workshop technicians comes over from Queenshaven to help print the next batch of books, brochures or maps, and fix the machines if it breaks.
Margo thinks that Geertruud's writing style is a bit blunt and always spices her writing up by adding the embarrassing bits from the personal cover letters to the books. She enriches the maps with small steamy drawings of Geertruud. Geertruud's followers celebrate each day one of her books or brochures gets published, and all new arrivals in the library have waiting lists for many months. All the mishaps in Geertruud's life are actually the selling point for most of the books, which made Margo start making up stories on her own and add them, some of them even involving herself. She gets highly excited by thinking about being part of the Geertruud stories.
  Currently, she is trying to find a way to add animated images or holograms to the books by using her illusion magic. First tests have been successful, but so far she failed in making them reproducible by the printing press. Some of the early animated images are exhibited at Gnomerado.  
Geertruud Mini by HeroForge, mod by Tillerz
Several free copies of each publication go to the Farenian Archives in Queenshaven, and the Great Library and the Guild of Cartographers, Mapmakers and Scribes in Bridgeport.   Another product started by Margo with the help of Jamond is a series of Geertruud collectables. Jamond created about a dozen minis so far, but Margo has already many more ideas to boost the collection to about 30 different minis of Geertruud. The collectables will be limited and available for premium prices. The Gnome Workshop made life-sized wax replicas of the minis by using the unique features of the Geertruudia plant. The replicas are shown at Gnomerado, where "Smallbottom & Weedlebeam" employed staff is managing the Geertruud Museum.   Margo officially sells Whacker Coins that are used as payment for entry to Gnomerado. As many customers of the Geertruud books and items are no gnomes, she also (unofficially) sells potions that transform them into a gnome for 24 hours. She produces the potions with her magical skills.   Enable NSFW content  

Tentacle Press

Margo has started a 100% Weedlebeam owned business called Tentacle Press (details see there).

Morality & Philosophy

Margo Weedlebeam
Margo Weedlebeam by HeroForge
Margo has been a bit dishonest with her friend Geertruud, as she never told her that she is adding content from the private letters and adds her own ideas to the books to spice them up. or about the minis or the life-size wax figures in Gnomerado. She is a little bit worried about what is happening when her friend finally comes back to Perelline.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Margo is quick at hand with her fountain pen to correct spelling and wording everywhere.


Geertruud Smallbottom

Writer (Important)

Towards Margo Weedlebeam



Margo Weedlebeam

Editor and Publisher (Important)

Towards Geertruud Smallbottom



Wealth & Financial state

The two publishing companies earn quite some money for Geertruud and Margo.  

Special Belongings

  • Vest of Wriggling - It actually belongs to Geertruud, but it is in Margo's possession right now. And she is wearing it all day long, staying in a constant state of arousal.
  • Printing Press - Bought from Gnome Workshop, located in the basement of the building where "Smallbottom & Weedlebeam" and "Tentacle Press" are located.

Plot Hooks

Buy it, borrow it, steal it - Margo needs to find a way to replicate her magically enhanced book pages. The printing press alone cannot do it. She heard from another group of gnomes, the Cold Gnomes Spring Laboratory of Infinite Thoughts, who had some thought about the same idea. Someone needs to find out if the idea is just an idea or actually working.   Gone with the wind - The book shipments to Skulk, the capital of Magramine, seem to never arrive at their destination.   Catch the Eel - As the stories containing "toys" seem to be pretty popular, Margo is looking for more of them to write about.   The Stolen Friend - Someone is stealing the life-sized Geertruud replicas in Gnomerado, three of them already had to get replaced with the reserve copies. This needs to end, Margo is looking for someone to find the thief. This hook can be combined with the plot Testworld, where the group helps the owner of Gnomerado to get rid of a major threat.
A world full of wonders.
  Conan GM info / spoilers.   5e GM info / spoilers.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2625 PB 240 Years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Let's spice this up a little bit!"   "I need this tomorrow!"
Aligned Organization
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