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Gnomish Expeditionary Force

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The Gnomish Expeditionary Force (also known as the G.E.F.) is a section of the Gnome Workshop that is responsible for conducting field research. They will be on the road if there is something that needs delivering, discovering, recovering, reclaiming, banging on, or kicking at, and they will do it in the most efficient and effective way possible.   The team is currently stuck in a prison in Charakur, see Gate of the Ancestors.
When on the field, the core team consists of four people, with a minimum team size of two. If extra Gnome Workshop members are required for a job, they will be recruited on an as-needed basis from other teams. Each task is meticulously planned and carried out with military precision: maps are being drawn, timetables are being made, calculations are being carried out, and devices are being constructed. The use of gadgets is critical to the success of each mission. The crew always has a convincing justification for why it needs a certain piece of equipment for a mission.


Because of this, it has access to some of the most dangerous and top-secret inventions and structures that the Gnome Workshop has ever created. On the roof of the Gnome Workshop building, there is a little hut that serves only as an entrance to a very big laboratory enclosed in a space-time bubble, with walls and tables covered with hundreds of devices, tools and weapons as well as machines.  

Most efficient and highly reliable equipment of the G.E.F.


Bob Bounce-A-Tron

Thought-controlled team support, carries and deploys all the heavy machinery. You need to be exact in what you tell it to do, or it might go terribly wrong.
A special command transmitter cap needs to be worn to give it instructions. Usually under control of Julika.
attunement required, error-prone


Broke a bolt or lost a nut? Spanner split in two? Fix it on your way with the portable, field-deployable Port-A-Forge. Self-cleaning, self-energizing, comes with the proper tools attached.
heat-up/cool-down: 1 hour

Goggles of True Sight

This headwear allows seeing through most material up to a range of six feet. It cannot penetrate magic barriers, any metal or material that contains Aeum particles. Tinsel wears the goggles all day (see item: Goggles of True Sight).
attunement required


Squash it if you can not see what is behind it! Most effective gadget to get rid of stuff. Can be used only once. Handle with care. Tonton is in charge of anything that can go boom.
single-use, timer, cloak


The Gnomish Expeditionary Force was called on a secret mission to retrieve the diary of a trusted general who was rumoured to be plotting against the queen. The team consisted of Tinsel as the commander, Luitbert as the scout, Tonton as the engineer, and Julika as the gadget specialist. They were to enter the field camp undetected and search the general's tent for the diary.   As they approached the camp, they carefully observed the guards and used their gadgets to create diversions and distractions. Luitbert sneaked into the tent and discovered the diary hidden in a chest. When he brought it back to Tinsel, she used her Goggles of True Sight on the diary to find that someone had tampered with it: someone had glued in additional pages between older ones. The additional entries described preparations for conspiratorial acts against the queen. The team quickly pieced together the situation. Someone was trying to create chaos and sow mistrust between the queen and her most trusted general. The diary was a ploy to discredit the general and make him look guilty.   With the knowledge of the truth, the Gnomish Expeditionary Force sprang into action. After explaining the facts to the queen, they spread the rumour that the true conspirator had left clues in the diary that revealed their identity and set up a trap with the diary as a lure.   In the end, the team was successful in capturing the true traitor, a rogue advisor who sought to gain power for themselves. The diary was returned to the queen, and the general was exonerated. The Gnomish Expeditionary Force was hailed as heroes, and the queen thanked them for their bravery and quick thinking.   The mission was a triumph for the Gnomish Expeditionary Force, proving that they were more than just a group of gnome tinkerers but true agents of justice.
From the labyrinthine halls of the Gnome Workshop,
A team of tinkerers, each with their perk,
Came forth with gears, gadgets, and devices in hand,
To embark on missions, both daring and grand.
  The Gnomish Expeditionary Force, they were named,
With a passion for knowledge, and not to be tamed,
Through dark and tempestuous lands they would roam,
In search of secrets, lost in time's tome.
  With Tinsel as commander, and Julika by her side,
And Luitbert and Tonton, the journey to guide,
They faced trials and challenges, with gadgets to spare,
And emerged victorious, with knowledge to share.
  In the depths of the earth, or the clouds in the sky,
The Gnomish Expeditionary Force, they dared to defy,
The limits of science, and what could be known,
And their tales are told, with wonder and moans.
  So hear ye, oh hear ye, of their great endeavor,
The Gnomish Expeditionary Force, now and forever,
A team of gnomes, with a thirst for the truth,
And the secrets they uncover, a mystery to prove.

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A world full of wonders.
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I love the description of the different gadgets! I think my favourite is the Port-A-Forge. :D The portraits of the characters are quite fun too.

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