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Goggles of True Sight

Work in progress!
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Slightly NSFW!
This type of headgear allows for clear visibility through most materials up to a distance of six feet. It is unable to pass through magical barriers, as well as any metals or materials that contain Aeum particles. The wearer must concentrate on something hidden behind a material in order for that substance to vanish from their sight, which necessitates extensive training and practise. Because a reattunement has the potential to break the item, Tinsel has opted not to remove the glasses unless this is absolutely necessary in an emergency.
The left glass penetrates substances, whilst the right glass provides information about whatever is in the field of view. What exactly is unknown because no one, with the exception of Tinsel, has ever used the goggles, and she has kept the details¬†a secret from the rest of the world.   The object was part of a dungeon haul and was discovered in a collapsed underground location that existed prior to the Titan Wars. The G.E.F. owns three chests full of recovered relicts like this one, most of them are unidentified yet.
  Enable NSFW content   Tinsel often utilises the goggles to inspect individuals for weapons, peek into chests, search for hidden chambers and tunnels, and examine higher floors without having to physically travel up to those levels himself.


Tinsel by Tillerz using MidJourney

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Clothing / Accessory
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3 Dec, 2021 16:36

These are awesome goggles, love how you described them.   However, when only one person ever used them, is rare then not a bit misleading? They are unique to Tinsel.

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3 Dec, 2021 16:54

You are probable right. :)

Master Alixzere
John Johnson
3 Dec, 2021 17:53

You know, the moment you said "slightly NSFW" I already knew where this was going, and honestly ? I'm madder that Tinsel keeps them for themselves and doesn't make more. I wanna see through walls

3 Dec, 2021 18:19

X-D Yeah no, no sharing the goggles!

Eternal Sage MoonRaven
Jeroen Heijster
11 Jan, 2022 08:26

Really awesome googles. I wish I could have them myself!

-MoonRaven creator of Paldurog.
18 Jan, 2022 21:34

This article made me chuckle upon first reading it and to me, that's a sign of a great and memerable article! Something that envokes a response from the reader so great job Tillerz!   I've included this article in my Reading Challenge summary:

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Generic article | Aug 4, 2023

My top-10 articles from the WorldEmber '22 challenge that have inspired me to create more and better content.

19 Jan, 2022 08:06

Thank you! :)

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
23 Jan, 2022 14:01

Naughty, naughty Tinsel!

29 Jan, 2022 20:04

Such unique goggles for educational purposes :D

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29 Jan, 2022 23:02

The graphic content thing got me curious because it was otherwise a short article, so I clicked. I knew what to expect from the description of the item, but was still not disappointed. Such a horrible-I-mean-useful invention....Yeah, useful!

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