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Queenshaven, the capital of the Farenian Empire, stands proud and tall, its buildings crafted from the smoothest white stone. At the heart of the city stands the Royal Palace, the residence of the young Queen Eleanor Rani, who ascended to the throne after her father's untimely death during the Council of Olena Ora.  
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  The city was recently rebuilt after a devastating fire that destroyed much of the city, leaving a tribe of mouse people, the Mousari, to resettle in Bridgeport. The reconstruction was finished in record time thanks to the tireless efforts of the Royal Architect, Cimmerius Shade. Shade's expertise is further showcased in the breathtaking structures scattered throughout the city.   The Royal Airship Company of Farenia, led by Marius J. Blight, is also based in Queenshaven. The Queen's private airship, piloted by the skilled crew of Titus O'Menzie, Helena Naway, and a couple of guards, is stationed here, always ready to take the Queen or her diplomats on their next mission.  
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  The city may seem orderly on the surface, but behind its surface lurks a network of secrets and intrigue. Being the capital of the Farenian Empire, Queenshaven is the scene of incessant political jockeying among the nobility for control. Some of them use their money to buy off municipal council members, while others network with other powerful people in the area. Some will even use murder or sabotage to get what they want. The House of Otteri, the House of Cleanslate, and the House of Bufflewind are the three most powerful aristocratic houses in Queenshaven. A continual struggle for power and riches keeps each house's army of loyal troops and spies busy. They throw expensive parties and events to show off their power and influence. They also use these events to meet current allies and maybe find new ones.  
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