The Council of Olena Ora

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To end the 3rd Boresian War, the rulers of the Farenian Empire, the Technocracy of Magramine and the Kingdom of Lymyra met in Olena Ora to sign a treaty of peace. Several terms and conditions were written down:  
None of the signing countries shall ever perform aggressive acts against any other.   The Farenian Empire shall never █████.   The Technocracy of Magramine shall never use its machines on Lymyra's grounds.   The Kingdom of Lymyra shall never use its magic inside the borders of Magramine.   A change of government shall be indicated to all signing countries immediately.   There shall be a council at the beginning of autumn every year, at alternating locations. This council shall be used to clarify any issues that occured during the past year.
— Treaty of Olena Ora
  During the ratification of the document the rulers were attacked by an assassin. King Rahin Joran of Farenia died before he could sign the document, the other two leaders were hurt / damaged.   Rahin's daughter Eleanor, who was also present and at that time only seventeen years old, yelled at the assassin that Senestra shall avenge her father's death... which immediately happened. A thunderbolt split the top of the castle's main tower and struck the assassin. Apparently the assassin was completely obliterated, as no remains have been found. The assembled leaders of the Farenian Empire took this event as a sign of Eleanor being a representative of Senestra and made her Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia.


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