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Paddlewick, the venerable main settlement of the duckfolk, stands as a timeless beacon of culture and tradition on the western coast of the Central Continent of Qail. This 500-year-old village, nestled amidst lush wetlands and tranquil waters, has flourished as a cornerstone of the Farenian Empire, where the spirited duckfolk have crafted a unique and enduring way of life.  
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The heart of Paddlewick is a bustling marketplace known as "Quack Square", where villagers and visitors alike converge to exchange goods, stories, and laughter. Quack Square is adorned with whimsical duck-themed decorations, including vibrant banners depicting joyful ducks in various activities, from dancing to flying.   The village's layout is a maze of interconnected wooden walkways and bridges, meandering along the coastline and offering captivating views of the endless expanse of the Green Sea. Rushing streams, home to schools of playful fish, flow beneath some walkways, creating a soothing symphony of rippling water.   Quaint shops and stalls line the walkways, displaying artisanal duckfolk crafts, aquatic botanical remedies, and a wide array of aquatic-themed trinkets. The enchanting aroma of freshly baked reed bread and lotus blossom tea wafts from bustling food vendors, inviting all to partake in the village's culinary delights.  
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Paddlewick's history is steeped in the legends and lore of the duckfolk. It is said that over five centuries ago, a group of adventurous duckfolk set sail along the picturesque Green Sea coast, searching for a place to call their own. They found the location of Paddlewick, nestled along the pristine seashores, under the guidance of the holy duck's divine wisdom.   Community cooperation and the building of the iconic stilted cottages in Paddlewick were significant features of the early years. The duckfolk, inspired by their deep connection to the water and their divine deity, adapted their way of life to thrive in harmony with the coastal ecosystem.   Throughout the centuries, Paddlewick became a haven for artistic expression, renowned for its watercolour paintings, delicate sculptures crafted from aquatic plants, and the mesmerising rhythm of traditional duckfolk dances. The village also fostered skilled herbalists who utilised the abundant coastal flora to create unique remedies and tonics.   The Quack Stone, a holy relic that acts as a conduit between the duckfolk and the divine, embodies Paddlewick's dedication to tradition and spirituality. For generations, the stone has been a focal point of the village's ceremonies and rituals thanks to the holy duck's blessing. It is located in the church of QUACKS, close to Quack Square.
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