Pollinator T3000 Wrecksite

Note: this article is a work in progress.
Some years ago when scientists tried artificial pollination in Bridgeport County, the Gnome Workshop tried to help. They constructed a giant, spider-like machine, that should walk from plain to plain to collect and spread the pollen all over the County.   Due to some conversion error when trying to figure out the correct suction force, the Pollinator T3000 started to raze everything from the ground, the moment it got activated. The gnomes vanished when trying to tackle and repair the machine. When also a troll got sucked in, the testing site got abandoned immediately.   Weeks later, the machine could still be heard rummaging in that area, until finally, the noise subsided. Signs have been put up to not enter that specific area. The Gnome Workshop is planning to send out some volunteers to examine the place.
Bridgeport County
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