Sheep Pollination

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Bridgeport scientists have found that the Bridgeport County bees have become lazy. Because the County is overgrown with a huge variety of plants in, most of them also available in high numbers, the bees just take the shortest trip between their home and where they gather pollen. To keep or even increase the variety of plants, the scientists have thought about many different ways to spread the pollen throughout the County: magic, machines, pollination by hand. Nothing of that worked properly, some of those tries even left small parts of the County unusable (see Pollinator T3000 Wrecksite).
One day Thomaso Dulce was wandering the County. Being one of the younger scientists, he was sent out into the field while the elder members of the team sat in comfy wing chairs inside their lodge, sipping wine, thinking about the problem for hours... some of them thinking so loud that a random ear witness could confuse it with intense snoring. So he was wandering along the northern shores of the County, when he suddenly slipped on sheep scat, nose-first into the vegetation around him.
When he stood up and patted his coat to get the dirt off, a colourful cloud of pollen surrounded him. "That's it!" he called out. "We use the sheep!" Back in Bridgeport, he reported about his findings, and a week later, after heavy preparation (getting proper tents and waggon, finding a cook, deciding about the out-in-the-field menu for each day (this was the hardest part)), the scientists travelled to Syrgos to talk to the sheep farmers. After a few days of experimenting, discussing, and negotiating with different business owners like beekeepers, herbage collectors, or hunters, an agreement was made.
    Once a year in spring, when the sheep need to get sheared, this is getting done in Bridgeport. The farmers drive their sheep to the city, taking the longest way possible: from Yolo and Syrgos down the road to Uxdom, visiting several small villages and the surrounding plains in-between. Then back up the street to Floxville (leaving the south part of the County untouched, for science!), Arkale, and Thunder, finally reaching Bridgeport, where the wool gets sheared off and where some of the sheep will have their final destination at a butchery. During the whole travel, the farmers will make their sheep run for a bit every half hour, causing their wool to dust off clouds of pollen everywhere. The final run happens right inside the city which is celebrating the Yoli festival on that day ... the pollen covering everything and everyone in bright colours and a nice smell.  


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