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Holinda, a quaint hamlet teetering on the brink, just sizable enough to catch the tide of cargo meant for Bridgeport's insatiable appetite. A ceaseless ballet of carts and carriages waltzes goods across the ragged path connecting the two burgs. Yet, not all voyages reach their fated end. Wheels crumble under the weight of greed, highwaymen haunt the shadows, and the untamed wilderness conspires to reclaim its dominion. Within Holinda's environs, fortunes are minted through the misfortunes of wayward cargo, livelihoods stitched together in the threads of uncertainty.   But a looming spectre casts its shadow over this lucrative enterprise - a vast, ambitious channel that, when unveiled in all its splendour, could unweave the very fabric of Holinda's prosperity. The Bridgeport Channel, as they call it, is a titanic endeavour that threatens to swallow whole the lifeblood of this humble village, rendering its streets barren and its people jobless. Fear coils in the hearts of those who call Holinda home as they watch the relentless march of progress, whispering that their days of plenty may soon be numbered.


Noteworthy Inhabitants

Vittorio Bianchi, the Harbormaster (goblin)
Vittorio, a weathered seafarer with a perpetual salt-kissed tan, stands as the guardian of Holinda's bustling harbor. His keen eye tracks every vessel that graces their shores, ensuring the steady flow of goods.  
Antonio Martini, Dockworker
With bulging biceps and a booming laugh, Antonio is the muscle behind the cargo's voyage from ship to shore. His strength is only rivalled by his zest for life.  
Marco Rossi, Fisherman
Marco's rugged visage mirrors the briny depths he calls home. His daily catch and that of his colleagues keep Holinda's tables brimming with the freshest seafood.  
Renzo Leone, Shipwright (orc)
Renzo's workshop echoes with the symphony of hammer and saw as he meticulously builds and repairs vessels that brave the treacherous waters beyond Holinda's bay.  
Giorgio Ferri, Cartwright
Giorgio's skilled hands craft sturdy waggons and carriages that navigate the treacherous road between Holinda and Bridgeport, ensuring the safe transport of goods.  
Nico De Luca, Blacksmith (dwarf)
Nico's forge is a roaring inferno of clanging hammers and sparks, where he crafts and mends everything from wagon wheels to anchor chains.  
Francesco Falco, Cooper (gnome)
Francesco's skillfully crafted barrels and casks are essential for storing and transporting the precious cargo that passes through Holinda's harbor.  
Angelo Marino, Captain of the Watchmen
Angelo, a solemn sentinel in Holinda's ever-vigilant night watch, patrols the village's darkened corners, keeping a vigilant eye out for any trouble that may arise.  
Isabella Ricci, Innkeeper (kendric)
The heart and soul of "The Rusty Bucket", Holinda's lone inn, Isabella's joviality and savoury cooking make her establishment a haven for travellers seeking respite from the road (or the sea).  
Sofia Ferretti, Farmer
The farmstead owned by Sofia and her family yields a bounty of vegetables that grace Holinda's market. Her sun-kissed fields are a patchwork of vibrant life.  
Lucia Graziani, Sheep Farmer
Lucia's modest farmstead is nestled on the outskirts of Holinda, where her diligent care ensures the well-being of a contented flock of sheep.  
Caterina Lombardi, Baker
Caterina's bakery fills the air with the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries, drawing customers from all corners of the village.  
Raffaella Conti, Apothecary
With her shelves laden with herbs and remedies, Raffaella dispenses cures for both maladies of the body and the heart. Her wisdom is as sought-after as her potions.  
Carlo Mancini, Town Drunkard (catfolk)
Carlo, a tragic figure among the villagers, struggles with his inner demons, often seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle, a fallen star who once burned brightly.


  • Holinda
    Important coastal village in Bridgeport County,
    connects Bridgeport to the northern sea.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.

Founding Date
2512 PB
Alternative Name(s)
Little Bridgeport
Location under
This is GM information
  Whispers of Lost Cargoes: Locals talk of hidden treasures from wrecked trade ships that might lie undiscovered on the ocean floor, waiting for daring divers to claim them.   Harbour Ghosts: Some believe that the flickering lanterns seen on the waters at night are the ghosts of sailors who met their end in the treacherous waters before the lighthouse was build.   Cursed Cargo: There's a tale of a trader who once brought a peculiar, sealed crate to Holinda. The crate was never opened, but it's said to be cursed, bringing misfortune to anyone who crosses its path.   The Mysterious Stranger: Whispers abound of a cloaked figure seen lurking in the shadows near the harbour at night, with some believing them to be a spy or a saboteur.   The Reluctant Fisherman: A rumour tells of a fisherman who claims to have encountered a beautiful, otherworldly creature beneath the waves, leaving him with haunting dreams and an obsession with the sea.  
  Trade Hub: Holinda serves as a crucial trade hub, receiving goods from all over the Farenian Empire before they are transported to Bridgeport, the largest city in the region.   Holinda's Last Days: Gossip spreads about Holinda's imminent decline, with the completion of the Bridgeport Channel poised to divert most of the trade away from this once-thriving village.   Harbour Expansion: Plans for the Bridgeport Channel have indeed raised concerns, as Holinda's future depends on continued trade. Many residents are actively involved in negotiations with Bridgeport officials to ensure their livelihoods are secured.   Smuggler's Cove: The rugged coastline around Holinda is dotted with hidden coves and caves, which have, over the years, harboured smugglers and their illicit goods.   Fishing Legacy: The villagers not only benefit from trade but also contribute significantly to the empire's food supply. Holinda's fishermen are renowned for their daily catches of a variety of fish, sustaining both the village and Bridgeport.   The Seaside Festival: Every year, Holinda hosts a lively Seaside Festival, attracting visitors from nearby villages and even Bridgeport. The festival features music, dance, fresh seafood, and contests like fishing derbies and tug-of-war.   The Shipwreck Watch: Holinda has a dedicated group of volunteers known as the Shipwreck Watch, who patrol the coastline during stormy seasons to assist vessels in distress and prevent shipwrecks.   Holinda's Seafaring Dogs: There's a tradition in Holinda where some fishermen keep loyal and specially trained dogs aboard their boats. These dogs are not only companions but also skilled in helping with fishing tasks and rescuing crew members in emergencies.  

Plot Hooks

The Lost Artefact: A historian believes that an ancient relic from a shipwreck, rumored to have washed ashore near Holinda, holds significant historical importance. The party is tasked with locating the artefact, but they face competition from treasure hunters and rival scholars.   Tensions Rising: As the completion of the Bridgeport Channel nears, tensions between Holinda and Bridgeport escalate. The party is asked to mediate negotiations or prevent an outbreak of violence, as both communities face an uncertain future.   The Cursed Fisher: A fisherman plagued by haunting dreams and a deep obsession with the sea seeks the party's assistance in uncovering the source of his torment, which he believes is tied to a mysterious encounter beneath the waves.   The Seaside Festival: The annual Seaside Festival is approaching, and the party is invited to participate in the festivities. However, during the celebration, a valuable artefact goes missing, and the adventurers must unravel the mystery before the festival is ruined.   The Harbour Heist: A daring group of thieves plans to rob the harbour's treasury (yes, someone did talk too much), potentially crippling Holinda's economy. The party is hired to fortify security and thwart the impending heist before it occurs.   Werewolf Worries: Rumours abound that the hill overlooking Holinda is home to a pack of werewolves. The party is hired to investigate and either dispel these rumours or address the growing threat of the lycanthropes before they descend on the village.   The Haunting of Citadel of Shartol: An abandoned mansion in the south of the Copper Mountain is said to be haunted. Locals avoid it at all costs, but a wealthy villager offers a hefty reward to anyone who can spend a night in the manor and prove it's safe.   The Forgotten Crypt: A crumbling crypt beneath the village holds a dark secret. The party is tasked with exploring its depths to find a hidden artefact, but they must also contend with the restless spirits guarding it.   The Enigmatic Minstrel: A travelling minstrel arrives in Holinda with a song and story about a hidden treasure buried somewhere nearby. The minstrel's ballad contains cryptic clues that adventurers must decipher in order to follow the promise of riches.   The Witches' Fingers: Locals speak of a reclusive witch residing close to the Witches' Fingers further in the south. When a series of unexplained events plague Holinda, the party is asked to seek the witch's aid or confront her if necessary.   The Gnomish Inventor: A gnomish tinkerer sets up shop in Holinda, showcasing bizarre and potentially dangerous contraptions. When one of these inventions malfunctions and causes havoc, the party must contain the chaos and decide the inventor's fate.

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