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Kobold Fight Club

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The Kobold Fight Club is a notorious underground establishment owned by an always angry dwarf named Brumurum Honorbrow. This club has become famous for its illegal bare-knuckle fist fights, where people from all walks of life come to compete against each other for money and glory.   The rules are simple: two combatants enter the ring, only one leaves victorious. No weapons or armor allowed; just fists and feet in hand-to-hand combat until one participant either concedes defeat or can no longer continue fighting due to injury or exhaustion. The winner receives half of the purse while the loser gets none - except maybe a few bruises as consolation prizes.  
  In addition to providing an outlet for those looking to make some quick cash, this fight club also serves as a stage on which fighters hone their skills and test their mettle against opponents they wouldn't normally have access to outside these walls. It's not unheard of that even professional fighters train here before competing in more public venues around the country when necessary!   No matter how intense things get in there though (and trust us - it does!), everyone knows that angering the owner would be foolish beyond measure; he might look small but his temper is legendary throughout the city.   The club has its name from its former owners, two kobold brothers. One day they "vanished" and Brumurum continued their business.
The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
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Services: fights, bets
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training: brawling
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Nice article. Sound like an interesting place to go watch fights but wouldn't want to join one myself there :p Curious how those kobolds 'vanished'.

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