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Limbs 2 Go

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When the Third Boresian War came to a conclusion in 2858 PB, many troops were left with missing limbs. The carpenter was able to make some people a basic wooden substitute for their legs, but the replacement was still more of a nuisance than an aid. All of this changed when Tim E. Pooley started his little workshop in Bridgeport. His replacements for legs, feet, arms, and hands are custom-made for each individual and upgraded with internal mechanics to provide the best possible fit and functionality. Even a small amount of additional magic, if the buyer is willing to pay for it, will improve the overall functionality of the replacement.
Gnome Leg by Jaime Buckley

Limbs 2 Go

simple wooden leg replacement, adjusted in size and shape: 20g, 1 day
additional mechanical movement support for the leg: +80g, 3 days
additional magical movement support for the leg: +250g, 1 day
simple wooden arm replacement, adjusted in size and shape: 40g, 1 day
additional mechanical movement support for the hand: +120g, 5 days
additional magical movement support for the hand: +250g, 1 day
After Gnome Workshop members have an accident or two while fiddling with things that should not be fiddled with, they come to Tim's shop to have their replacement limbs enhanced. This includes drills or screwdrivers that attach to their artificial hands, as well as jump enhancers for their legs.
Tim also manufactures additional mechanical objects that are comparable to those seen at the Gnome Workshop, although in a less experimental manner. He creates miniature and delicate sculptures of birds, squirrels, and dragons with moveable components, as well as sound sculptures, using less risky materials (and notably fewer amounts) than the gnomes.
Tim E. Pooley by Joyce Maureira


A little clockwork dragon hangs from the front of the store. Was it the wind, or did it just flap its wings?  
Limbs 2 Go laboratory top down view
Limbs 2 Go by Tillerz
Limbs 2 Go laboratory view
Limbs 2 Go by Tillerz

Founding Date
2856 PB
Parent Location


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17 Dec, 2021 20:38

Could do a follow-up one: Doorways created by Patty O'Doors

18 Dec, 2021 11:08

Very cool! It's always great to see stuff like this - disability care is often a blind spot of fantasy, and almost always that's purely a matter of the author not thinking of it.   If I may ask, what program did you use for the map and the 3D render? It looks incredible!

18 Dec, 2021 11:28

Thanks. :) Oh, forgot to add the source. If you click the images, you can see it now. It's Dungeon Alchemist with a little of color fiddling in Affinity Photo.

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