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School of Arcane Arts

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Welcome to the School of Arcane Arts, located in Bridgeport.   Founded centuries ago by a group of powerful wizards and druids, this magical academy has provided instruction in the ways of magic to generations of students.   At the school, you will learn about all aspects of magical theory and practice: from spell-casting and divination, to alchemy and necromancy. Our teachers are highly skilled practitioners who have dedicated their lives to mastering the arcane arts; they can teach you how to control your power so that it may be used for good instead of evil. We also offer specialized classes on magical creatures such as dragons or phoenixes – an excellent way for our most advanced students to hone their skills!   We take safety very seriously at the School of Arcane Arts – any student found misusing their powers is immediately expelled without warning or appeal. This strict rule ensures that only those with true understanding and respect for magic’s potential are allowed to progress to the Arcane Academy to finish their studium.
  The school is teaching every kind of magic to children of the age of 6 to 14. The moment a kid gets 15, it gets transferred to the Arcane Academy for further teaching. There are four semesters, two per year, each costs 10 gold. Promising children may get a sponsorship by the school or patron.   At the beginning of the first semester children have to go through a trial. It consists of interacting with magical objects and creatures and simple tasks of trying to manipulate things by magic or gathering information (guessing on cards or thoughts). Parents of children who didn't pass the trails get the school money back.   After the trials actual teaching begins immediately. The children are being watched closely, and any repeated failures, showing evil intentions, or lack of understanding will make the school expell the kid.   The teachers focus primarily on theoretical knowledge such as spell casting techniques and theories behind different schools within arcane magics (such as evocation or abjuration). Once a student has reached acceptable proficiency with these subjects they are then able to move onto more advanced topics like summoning creatures from other planes or creating potions & scrolls.   Brogan's Run - Deep beneath its foundations lies an underground labyrinth filled with puzzles and riddles created by former headmasters over centuries past; those brave enough (or foolish enough) to venture within must solve each challenge before they may claim their prize (a magic item randomly chosen by the enchanted labyrinth itself), or leave empty-handed. Brogan was the first who made it through the labyrinth successfully.


School of Arcane Arts

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