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Guild of the Arcanes

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The Guild of the Arcanes is an organization responsible for teaching magic to students at both the School of Arcane Arts and later on, young adults at the Arcane Academy. The guild consists of six teachers; a wizard, druid, bard, sorcerer, cleric and paladin. For some of the more mundane topics, guest teachers are invited.  
The mission of this guild is to provide education in magical arts so that their students can become powerful arcanists capable of using their skills for good. At the school level they focus primarily on theoretical knowledge such as spell casting techniques and theories behind different schools within arcane magics (such as evocation or abjuration). Once a student has reached acceptable proficiency with these subjects they are then able to move onto more advanced topics like summoning creatures from other planes or creating potions & scrolls.  
At the academy level however there is much greater emphasis placed upon practical application rather than just theory – here students will learn how to use their powers effectively in combat situations by learning various forms defensive/offensive spells & enchantments which can be used against enemies either physical or magical in nature. They also practice forming new alliances between themselves via cooperative rituals involving multiple casters working together towards a common purpose (e.g healing wounds etc) - all while taking into account any potential risks involved during such activities due its inherently dangerous nature.  
Overall the Guild of the Arcanes provides comprehensive instruction in many aspects related directly to becoming an accomplished practitioner within this field regardless whether it's through classroom lectures/discussions with peers & mentors alike - ensuring that each individual student leaves having gained invaluable experience & insight into what being an arcanist truly entails.
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