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Villa Cadenza

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Home of Baltha Cadenza and Thessaly Cadenza. During the year many events are happening in the villa, most are invite-only. The biggest event in recent times is probably the Masquerade Ball during the Festival of the Rusty Pipe. People who want to participate need a written invitation. A couple of invitations can be won at several contests during the festival. The invitation letters do not contain names, so anyone who has one can participate at the ball.   Besides that one time event there are many smaller parties/happenings of the Honorable Men taking place at the villa, where the members of the organization are talking about their latest acquirements and/or try to have some fun.


A large double winged door is leading from the south into the building. There is a smaller exist at the north.

Sensory & Appearance

When entering the building it smells old. Old furniture, old paintings. Everything in the building is old.


There are at least two visitable cellar levels below the villa, which seem to have several connections to caves that lead further down into the rocky base of Bridgeport.      


The villa is one of the oldest houses in Bridgeport. Some research might reveal that each time a previous owner died, he passed it on to some young unknown dude.

Mansion / Villa
Parent Location


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