Daughters of Purity

Note: this article is a work in progress.
The Daughters of Purity only opened their little church a few years ago, worshipping one of the almost forgotten Old Gods: Senestra. Alicea, at that time working in the Great Library of Bridgeport, had found one of the few copies (there are only 3 of them) of the Kama Senestra - Senestra's Books of Love, a pair of two books, encased in a thick leather box. She started reading them and got drawn in rather quickly. After finishing the books, she approached some of her best friends who were reluctant at first, but they got struck by the same fascination. Soon the five of them started their little goddess-led counselling service.
Everyone visiting the Daugthers leaves with a hint on how to tackle the problems they came with, or they forgot their problems altogether.   The church has no public divine service. Instead, the Sisters meet with clients in one-on-one counselling sessions during which they perform rituals with them. At the end of such a session, the participating sister helps the client to find insight and solutions for the problems he came with. Many of the clients make ample donations to the sisters.

The Kama Senestra

  Chapters of Book I  
  1. Sapientiam per puritatem
  2. Virtues of a true follower
  3. Establishing and maintaining a church
  4. Anything you need to know: Senestra
  5. The daily routine
  6. Rites for followers
  7. Empathy
  8. Counselling
  9. Simple Rituals
  10. Introduction to the Inner Sanctum
  11. Garments of a Priestess

  The second book seems to be written in an illegible language, at least if you just pick it up and open it. To grasp the content of the second book, you need to read the first book to the end ("Introduction to the Inner Sanctum" is the important part) and perform the rituals described. This will clean your mind ("purity") and open it for the content of the second book.

  When reaching the end of the second book, the reader will find a small compartment on the inside of the thick back cover, containing a small heart-shaped necklace. The necklace can only be found and worn by who finished reading the book (there will be a new one for each reader).
Chapters of Book II
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    Advanced Rituals
  2. Show spoiler
    Purity through Meditation
  3. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy I
  4. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy II
  5. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy III
  6. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy IV
  7. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy V
  8. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy VI
  9. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy VII
  10. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy VIII
  11. Show spoiler
    Purity through Extasy IX
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  GM info / spoilers.

Sapientiam per puritatem

Founding Date
Religious, Organised Religion
Notable Members


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