Daughters of Purity Garments

Note: this article is a work in progress.
A chapter in book one of the Kama Senestra describes the garments that are obligatory for a Senestra priestess. For the robes of an acolyte, it roughly lists the general cut and the colour choice of black and red. An acolyte can basically wear any robe in black and red and stay within the given limits. The garment description for members of the Inner Circle fills about a quarter of the book. It contains a list of the material (amount, colour and size) and is outlining the required steps of the creation process.
It does however not lay out the shape of the fabric pieces, this is to be decided by the future wearer of the outfit, who has to cut the fabric and assemble the final pieces herself. As there is not much fabric to work with, the decision of what goes where can be a hard choice. Some Inner Circle members have made some very creative choices for the fabric placement, but details stay a secret between the members of the order and the people visiting it for a consultation.  
Joycie in Inner Circle garments


The Kama Senestra lists the following materials for the garment. The size and shape of the gemstones are described in detail as well as the creation process of the all-connecting thread, which also has to be made by the owner of the garment. The new member of the Inner Circle will have to pay for the material herself. The order will lend her the money, binding her this way to order services, until the money has been paid back.  
  • four by four foot of silk, half of it dyed red, half of it dyed black
  • 30 foot of thread
  • 60 foot of drawn silver
  • 5 large rubies
  • 100 small rubies
  • 40 small black pearls
  • 40 small white pearls
  • 2 small diamonds
  • 6 small onyx gemstones


    Certain groups of jewellery can be pre-made by a jeweller, but cutting the fabric and combining all pieces into the final garment has to be done by the priestess herself. The Kama Senestra also stresses the importance of using the given amount of fabric to avoid any incidents during or after the ritual that finalizes the creation process.  
    When the order was founded and Pantolette needed to make her own Inner Circle garment, she tried on what she had made and decided that the outfit needed a foot more fabric to cover more skin. That worked out until the whole garment suddenly fell apart. The fabric was just gone and the jewellery dropped in bits to the floor. After scraping together what was left, Pantolette had to get a new set of fabric and replace some gems that went missing. When remaking her outfit, she followed the instructions meticulously.

    Plot Hooks

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend - A soon to be member of the Inner Circle needs help to get the materials for her outfit.

    The Curse of the Black Pearl - One of the black pearls used for a garment was cursed and is having strange effects on the owner. She needs a group of people to accompany her on a special journey to remove the curse without destroying the expensive outfit.
    Item type
    Clothing / Accessory
    Current Location
    Owning Organization
    very rare
    6 lbs
    Base Price


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    Interesting. I must say, the requirement of 550 gemstones of various kinds seems like a lot for only 12 feet of thread to hold together. Having the silver strands to make more complex jewellery would be absolutely essential to keeping the thread use under that target, but the 10 feet of silver stranding also means more weight to be supported by the thread.   I'm not saying it's impossible, but you'd certainly need to know more about sewing than I do. For me, 12 feet of thread is about enough to attach 6-8 buttons back where they belong...but my skills are limited to basic clothing repair that anyone living independently should know how to do. And my standard for sturdiness is such that a button I sew on will break before the thread I used to attach it will break. I definitely don't approach sewing with the right mindset for making an outfit like this!

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    Oh so you think it should be way more thread? Any recommendations?

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    Honestly I have no idea; I don't do enough sewing to actually have a decent estimate, and as I said, my approach to anything I stitch together is that I never want to have to do this again, so I'm a bit ham-fisted about it. I see you've bumped it up to 30 feet, and that sounds much more reasonable.   I will note: I've made the assumption that all the jewellery is being mounted on the fabric, which is done either with a specific cut (similar to how a large diamond would be cut for a ring - there's little spurs on the back that give a place for the metal of the ring or the thread to hook onto to secure the stone while leaving most of it visible) or by drilling a tiny hole through the stone for the thread to connect to, and entirely neglected the possibility that the jewellery itself might be crafted in a way that is wearable. (Necklaces, bracelets, y'know, the normal things you do with jewellery.)   It's only when it's incorporated into the article of clothing itself that you need to worry about stitching it to fabric (or if you're doing something like a necklace using thread rather than a strand or chain of precious metal, which gives a different aesthetic (gold or silver or platinum chain within a necklace might well compete with the beads/gemstones/pearls/etc, whereas the thread is nearly invisible (even when it's not the modern transparent plastic that is often used in costume jewellery).   Additionally, one thing I forgot to consider is that if you're using silk fabric, you're almost certainly using silk thread, too, and silk thread is much stronger than any alternative except synthetics like nylon. (Which is the thread I use for buttons; as I said, my sewing is overkill.) You're far less likely to have to worry about strength issues with silk than with the cotton, linen and wool threads I learned to sew with; silk's tensile strength is literally stronger than steel.   I would still wind up using way more than the original 12 feet of thread for such apparel, but with those considerations, it's quite probable that is entirely due to the peculiarities of how I sew.

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