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Curl Up and Dye

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Welcome to "Curl Up and Dye," the premier barber shop nestled in the heart of King's Corner, Bridgeport's most distinguished middle-class quarter. Owned and operated by the talented and enchanting Snips Clippington, a graduate of Bridgeport's prestigious Arcane Academy, our establishment offers a unique fusion of mundane and magical grooming services.  
Curl Up and Dye by Tillerz using MidJourney
  Step inside our cosy and elegant salon, where skilled stylists and artisans are ready to unleash their creativity on your locks. Our standard haircuts start at 5 gold pieces, ensuring you leave with a perfectly tailored and fashionable coiffure. For those seeking an extra touch of glamour, we offer enchanting make-up services, including intricate designs and magical effects, starting at 10 gold pieces.   But that's not all! At "Curl Up and Dye," we understand the allure of transformations. Our magical makeovers are the talk of the town, with options ranging from temporary enhancements to month-long enchantments. Add a touch of ethereal radiance to your appearance for just 10 gold pieces a day, or dive into a month-long magical metamorphosis for a mere 100 gold pieces. Imagine the possibilities!   With an ambiance of refined luxury, our barber shop caters to the discerning tastes of Bridgeport's elite. Sit back, relax, and allow our skilled stylists to pamper you with their expertise and artistry. As you savour the soothing atmosphere and indulge in our top-notch services, you'll quickly understand why "Curl Up and Dye" has become the go-to destination for those seeking unparalleled beauty and magical allure.  
    Curl Up and Dye - Service List
    Standard Haircut: 5 gold pieces
    Deluxe Beard Trims: 7 gold pieces
    Make-up Service: Starting at 10 gold pieces
    Facial Hair Sculpting: Starting at 10 gold pieces
    Magical Hair Colouring: Starting at 15 gold pieces
    Glamourous Makeovers for Special Occasions: Prices vary; inquire within
    Customised Hair and Make-Up Packages: Tailored to your needs and budget
  Visit "Curl Up and Dye" and experience the extraordinary fusion of artistry, magic, and style that has enchanted our esteemed clientele. Let us bring out your inner radiance and make every visit memorable. Your journey to beauty begins here!    
Curl Up and Dye
  Oh, gather 'round, me hearties, and lend an ear,
To a tale of a barber shop, full of cheer.
"Curl Up and Dye" is its name, a place of glee,
Where Snips Clippington works, as jolly as can be.
Curl Up and Dye, the barber's pride,
Snips wields her scissors, with skill and stride.
She'll trim your locks, she'll make you fine,
In "Curl Up and Dye," you'll sail through time.
  With combs and razors, she works the magic through,
From buzz cuts to pompadours, she'll cater to you.
Braids and beards, she tames them all,
At "Curl Up and Dye," you'll stand proud and tall.
  (Chorus)   In the heart of Bridgeport, this shop does stand,
A haven of transformation, across the land.
With each snip and shave, a new look takes flight,
In "Curl Up and Dye," your confidence ignites.
  (Chorus)   So come all ye sailors, and all ye landlubbers too,
To "Curl Up and Dye," where dreams come true.
Snips Clippington's the captain, with style as her guide,
In this barber shop shanty, you'll find joy and pride.

Plot Hooks

The Haunted Hairbrush: Strange occurrences plague the salon, with whispers of a haunted hairbrush that seems to have a mind of its own. Patrons report hairdos being undone, styles changing spontaneously, and even glimpses of ethereal figures in the mirror. The barbers recruit adventurers to investigate the supernatural phenomenon and put the restless spirit to rest.   The Stylist's Secret: Snips Clippington holds a hidden past, unbeknownst to the customers and staff. The barbers become entangled in a web of intrigue as an enigmatic figure from Snips' history resurfaces, threatening to expose a long-kept secret that could shake the foundations of the city's nobility. The adventurers must assist in protecting Snips' reputation.   The Mystic Mirror: A mystical mirror arrives at the barber shop, capable of reflecting an individual's true nature. However, it begins to reveal unsettling truths about those who gaze upon it, causing chaos and turmoil among the clientele. The barbers enlist the adventurers to investigate the mirror's origins and its connection to an ancient prophecy.   The Stylish Thieves: A notorious band of thieves targets "Curl Up and Dye," stealing enchanted hair accessories and magical grooming tools. The adventurers are hired to uncover the identity of the thieves and retrieve the stolen treasures.   The Empathic Hairstylist: An enigmatic figure known as the "Empathic Hairstylist" offers their services exclusively to the wealthiest and most influential individuals. Patrons who receive their mystical haircuts find themselves under a strange enchantment, altering their personalities and behaviour. Snips tasks the adventurers with unmasking the empathic hairstylist and breaking the enchantment's hold on their clients.
This is GM information
Services: Haircut, Styling, Makeover
Disposition: -
Favoured: -
Barber / Dentist / Surgery
Parent Location
Snips Clippington by Tillerz using Stable Diffusion

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