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Uclandia Come for the adventures. Stay for the Dragons.

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Uclandia is a low-tech, magical continent in a yet-unnamed world. It is the setting for my fantasy series-in-progress populated with unique creatures, mysterious races of humanoids, and those who…are not. It is a world created by the whims of Goddesses, shaped by the meddling of Gods, and ruled by an unstable mix of Imperial greed and ego. Until now. Rebellion and the return of dragons herald a coming change. Forgotten magic, strong personalities, and prophecies will help decide Uclandia’s future.
This is a land rich in history, Gods, Goddesses, and saints. Every Province tells a different story. Every Province is populated with magical beings, independent races, mind-boggling plant life, and legends that will curl your hair.   Get more familiar with the Quick Guide To Uclandia's Provinces     Follow the world of Uclandia, become a brave adventurer, and join us as we witness the unfolding of a new era!    

Come for the adventures, stay for the dragons

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