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The Enigma Society: Curators of the Occult

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In the outskirts of Bridgeport, where shadows dance to the tune of secrets, lies the enigmatic treasure trove known as Warehouse III, concealed within the city's northern rocky bosom, underneath the Conservatory. The owners go by the cryptic moniker The Enigma Society: Curators of the Occult - or simply TESCO.   For ages untold, these covert sentinels have kept watch over the strange and sinister, tracking malevolent artifacts to their lairs. When an unholy relic stirs, a TESCO operative strikes like a phantom, meticulously documenting and locking the eldritch oddities away in the endless depths of their vaults.  
Plektrum Rockbreaker by Dean Spencer
In their masquerade, you'll find Plektrum Rockbreaker, a dwarf from Skulk, navigating the city streets within an obsidian carriage, drawn by ebony steeds.  
Grandolph Grieck by Dean Spencer
And then there's Grandolph Grieck, an orc with a taste for cigars and the art of a swift exit from any disagreeable discourse. His talents extend beyond mere debate, crafting ephemeral smoke rings and floral distractions that serve as his curtain call.   Both, in their polished attire and dapper toppers, are the epitome of decorum, seldom absent from society gatherings. They hold lectures about the plants of The Conservatory for the students of the Arcane Academy as well as for everyone who is interested.  
Mila by Tillerz using MidJourney
As one would expect, they are also esteemed members of the society known far and wide as the Honourable Men, a covert fellowship committed to procuring and bartering the most remarkable and eclectic treasures - whether they be earthly pipes, whimsical headwear, enchanting music boxes, or the most exotic flora.   At the front lines as the Conservatory's face stands Mila, a gnome of discretion. She tends to its botanical wonders, all while harboring a silent awareness of the mysteries concealed beneath the surface. Yet, her silence is compensated handsomely, for some secrets are best left unspoken in the shadows of Bridgeport.


373 PBWarehouse I opened in the southern part of Dashan.
1189 PBBreach of security and disclosure of Warehouse I's activities, forcing its employees to go into hiding for almost a century.
1320 PBWarehouse II opened in Bonoloku.
2442 PBWarehouse III opened in Bridgeport.
  The unofficial logo of the organization depicts the pyramid that has gotten secretly repurposed to serve as the storage called Warehouse I.
This is GM information
The central hub of the TESCO organization is currently located in Bonoluku, within Warehouse II. Warehouse I, the previous headquarters, has been sealed for an extended period due to the absence of the original staff. Although there was an initial effort to reopen it, the team sent for this purpose faced a series of unfortunate events. Consequently, they chose to reseal Warehouse I and abandon it temporarily. Since that time, no TESCO staff members have ventured into Warehouse I.   Plektrum and Grandolf closely monitor the party's conduct. Should the party exhibit commendable behavior (aligned with their own standards of virtue), they will initially engage them by dispatching agents with offers of employment. If this initial collaboration proves successful, the duo will eventually make direct contact. The inner workings and the true mission of the Warehouse remain veiled in secrecy, revealed solely to those who have demonstrated unwavering allegiance and profound respect.
The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a bustling maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
Bridgeport by Tillerz using MidJourney
Founding Date
373 PB
Secret, Brotherhood
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Cover image: Enigma Society by Tillerz using MidJourney
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I love your artwork! Is that commissioned? Or do you use an image source website that I'm not familiar with?

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'distracting people by blowing smoke rings and flowers and then vanishing quickly into the opposite direction' This would work on me, not going to lie.

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