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The Honourable Men ("Society of Honourable Men Collecting Valuable Art" = SOHMCVA) are a society of esteemed collectors in the city of Bridgeport. Founded centuries ago, the society was once only open to men, but in recent years, women have been pushing to join their ranks. To honour the traditions of the society, women are required to wear a fake beard and top hat during meetings and auctions.   The Honourable Men's gatherings take place on a stationary ship named Artigo, which is docked in the bustling harbour of Bridgeport. The ship serves as a hub for collectors to gather, discuss, and bid on valuable works of art. The auctions are renowned throughout the city and beyond, attracting the most discerning collectors from all corners of the fantasy world of Alana. In this world of magic and steampunk, the Honourable Men are a force to be reckoned with. They are known for their wealth, their impeccable taste, and their love for all things rare and beautiful. Whether it is a painting, a sculpture, or a mystical artifact, the Honourable Men are determined to collect the finest examples of art and culture.   As members of the society, the Honourable Men have access to a vast network of resources and knowledge. They are privy to the latest developments in the world of art and are always on the lookout for new and exciting pieces to add to their collections.  
The Honourable Men are a tight-knit group, bound by their shared love of art and their commitment to preserving the traditions of their society. Despite their competitiveness and their often-heated discussions, they all share a deep respect for one another, and their meetings and auctions are a testament to their passion for collecting. They stand as a beacon of elegance and refinement, a symbol of the timeless power of art and culture.   The collectors are known for trading some of the rarest and most unique items in the world of Alana.   One such item was the "Dragon's Eye," a glowing ruby the size of a man's fist that was said to have been plucked from the forehead of a fearsome dragon. The Honourable Men were able to secure the Dragon's Eye after a heated bidding war, and it quickly became one of the most prized possessions in their shared collection.   Another rare item traded by the Honourable Men was the "Clock of Shadows," a mysterious timepiece crafted by a long-forgotten race of dwarves. The clock was said to have the power to manipulate the flow of time itself, and the Honourable Men are rumoured to have used it to great effect during their auctions.  
A third item that was highly coveted by the Honourable Men was the "Heart of the Phoenix," a shimmering crystal that was said to contain the essence of a legendary bird of fire. The Heart of the Phoenix was said to have the power to grant immortality, and the Honourable Men were said to have traded it for a hefty sum to a mysterious buyer from the far-off lands of Alana.   In addition to these rare items, the Honourable Men also trade works of art and other precious artifacts, including magical swords, enchanted scrolls, and intricately carved figurines. Whether it is a piece of jewelry, a rare book, or a mystical trinket, the Honourable Men are always on the lookout for new and exciting items to add to their collection.   Some items within the last year's auctions were:
  • pipes, pipe cleaners, tobacco pouches
  • weird hats
  • mechanical clocks
  • steins (beer mugs) with lid
  • plants that have strange effects when being consumed or just being there
  When one participates in one of their meetings, they could get the feeling that half the city is part of this secret society.  
A few members actively try to prove that they are the better collectors or have nicer things than everyone else, so often there is a lot of showing off. The competition for rare and valuable items is fierce, and the members of the society are often willing to go to great lengths to outbid one another and add new pieces to their collections.   One of the most intense rivalries was between two Honourable Men, the wealthy merchant Randock Boxspring and the cunning wizard Alistari Thornton. The two had been at odds for years, constantly trying to outdo one another at the auctions and secure the rarest and most valuable items for their own collections.   Another notable rivalry exists between the elvish noble lady Gerelond and the gnomish inventor Gutzo Manynobs. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, the two are equally matched in their pursuit of the finest and most unique items, and they are often seen bidding against one another at the auctions.   There are also many secret rivalries that take place behind the scenes, as members of the society jostle for position and sought to gain an edge over one another. Some Honourable Men would go to great lengths to uncover each other's bidding strategies, or to learn of the existence of rare items before they come up for auction.  
"Once at one of the famous collector parties at Barnabas Flurry's house, William Datlong was paralyzed by one of Barnabas' newly acquired rare plants and stood there, motionless, during the whole party. He couldn't drink a single of Barnabas' precious whiskeys. William is still seeking revenge."


The society is led by Baltha Cadenza. House Pisces is a front organization for SOHMCVA.   Some members are in charge of the store where all the items are kept between auctions. There are three auctioneers and also some traders who bring in more things that might find some aficionado.

Public Agenda

Research, discussion and exchange of valuable art. The society has weekly discussion rounds, lectures about research results and auctions on The Artigo. This happens on the third level of the ship (counted from top).  
On certain days, special auctions are happening. This might be a collection of frivolous items, the weirdest items or items that match a certain theme. Once a year, the dustiest or strangest items (where no one could find out what they are for) from the vault make it to the auction room.

SOHMCVA - Events and Activities
1 Hammer - Deepwinter
  • 6th: Auction: Pipes et al
2 Alturiak - The Claw of Winter
  • 15th: Auction I: Mechanical Clocks and Gadgets
3 Ches - The Claw of the Sunsets
  • 1st: Auction: Frivolous Items
4 Tarsakh - The Claw of the Storms
  • 1st: Auction: Funny and Ridiculous Items
5 Mirtul - The Melting
  • 1st: Event: Expedition into the Surroundings of Bridgeport with "Bring your own food" BBQ
6 Kythorn - The Time of Flowers
  • 14th: Auction: Exotic Plants and Flowers
7 Flamerule - Summertide
  • 1st: Auction: Carpets and Rugs
8 Eleasis - Highsun
  • 1st: Auction: Recipes and Cookbooks
9 Eleint - The Fading
  • 1st: Auction: Getting the Dust off - items from the back of our vault
10 Marpenoth - Leaffall
  • 15th: Auction II: Mechanical Clocks and Gadgets
11 Uktar - The Rotting
  • 1st: Auction: Silent Auction: Special Items
12 Nightal - The Drawing Down
  • 6th: Auction: Hats
  • 23rd: Event: Fashionable Props Party at Villa Cadenza
Weekly Events
  • every 1st day of the week, 7 pm: Auction: Miscellaneous (carryable items)
  • every 2nd day of the week, 7 pm: Auction: Miscellaneous (items you need a cart for or bigger)
  • every 4th day of the week, 7 pm: Event: Lecture and Discussion: Latest Research
  • every 5th day of the week, 5 pm: Event: Happy Society Come Together
Monthly Events
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The society's storage contains many items, worth several thousand gold pieces. Most of them are auctioned at some time, some of the items have not seen daylight for decades, though. Who knows which kind of wondrous treasures are hidden in the society's vault?


The society is already pretty old, members have found documents listing auctions back to 80 years ago. Some items in the vault may also be that long in there and appear at an auction.

Plot Hooks

Quest Icon
Shrooms - A collector is looking for a mushroom with a specific effect, he doesn't know how it looks though. The group has to go and find mushrooms. And try them. This can be either a short funny intermission or a serious excursion into the lands of Shrooméria.   Night at the Museum I - A collector has lent several items to the local museum and is looking for a team to protect his exhibits from theft.  
Night at the Museum II - A collector is asking to "recover" an item exhibited at the local museum, as the item is usually out of reach, but rather exposed while being in the museum. Variants: a) Mess with the party, make the item a 600 pounds heavy statue or similar. b) The statue is inhibited by a ghost that will do anything to protect the statue. c) The ghost wants the statue to be brought somewhere else. d) Another collector found out about the theft and if blackmailing the first one now, who wants the group to bring back the statue undetected.

"Everything is beautiful or precious to someone."

Founding Date
Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
Society of Honorable Men Collecting Valuable Art
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations

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