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The order is trying to accomplish what the other factions inside the city fail at: pushing back evil, protecting the city from harm. Doing this, the order partially ignores minor criminals like the pirates, using their services when needed. To get in money, the order's members take job offerings lke protecting travelling merchants, stealing items from know evildoers or even assassinating them by making it look like an accident.  
Sometimes you need to break the law to fight Evil. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, at least until you reach your goals.


The organization is lead by Ayda Lumiora with Baltha Cadenza's help, who is also leading the front organization Honorable Men, which again is the front organization of TANAHOOO. You need to be a member of SOHMCVA to gain access to TANAHOOO.

Public Agenda

When the order's members are not out on mission there are many other things happening:
  • training sessions (combat, magic, crafting)
  • classes to learn about important things
  • parties or festivals
  • funerals for fallen members


Members of the society can get all kind of training, be it history lessons, lockpicking, fighting, even things like harvesting resources, hunting or survival skills like finding water, setting up your tent or making fire. The training doesn't cost anything, but you have to wait for someone teaching it.

"Only this far!"

Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
The Ancient, Noble and Honorable Order of Orr
Subsidiary Organizations

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