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Ayda Lumiora is the mysterious and powerful female leader of TANAHOOO, which she built with the help of Baltha Cadenza. She has been around for centuries, leading her society in their mission to keep the balance between good and evil. Her secrets are as mysterious as she is, though it is rumoured that she was born with supernatural powers that allow her to sense danger before it arrives.   At first glance, Ayda appears like any other woman; however, those who have encountered her know better than to underestimate her capabilities. She commands respect from all members of her society and leads them on daring adventures into uncharted lands filled with monsters and magical creatures alike. Even though these expeditions are dangerous, Ayda never lets fear or doubt enter their minds. Instead, they only think about the task at hand, which is to defeat evil wherever it may be hiding.   Though much about Ayda's past remains unknown, one thing is certain: she will do whatever it takes to protect innocent lives from threats both natural and unnatural alike. Her courage knows no bounds, and she puts herself in harm's way without hesitation if necessary, making sure justice prevails every single time. Even when facing insurmountable odds against dark forces beyond human comprehension, Ayda stands firm in her convictions, always willing to fight for what's right no matter how daunting the battle may be.   When not adventuring, Ayda can always be found on board of The Artigo.  
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Ayda Lumiora is a powerful warlock. She was born to a human father and a fae mother, but her life changed forever when she met the Queen of the Fae, Titania. The powerful queen recognized Ayda's potential and took her under her wing as an apprentice. With Titania as her patron, Ayda quickly grew in power and knowledge. She studied magical arts diligently, learning all that she could from the great Queen of Fae magic. Before long, she earned herself a place among Titania’s inner circle – a prestigious honor for any mortal or fae alike. Now working towards the goals set by Titania, Ayda leads her own adventuring guild with pride.   Ayda firmly believes that everyone should have access to knowledge about mythical creatures like dragons or giants – which is why she often works hard to ensure information regarding these creatures reaches even those living far away from the fae realm Mag Mell itself through books written by members of the guild or stories told by travelers who visit distant lands themselves. To keep her fae ancestry secret, she publishes that knowledge under a different name: Elsbeth Mahler. Margo Weedlebeam from Tentacle Press helps her creating the books.



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Ayda Lumiora

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