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The Queendom of Shroomeria: Deep within the heart of Floxville Grotto, hidden beneath layers of luminescent mushrooms and the ruins of an ancient civilization, lies the entrance to a secret and mystical queendom known as Shroomeria. This subterranean realm is inhabited by a unique society of mushroom people who possess ancient wisdom and powerful magic.   The mushroom people of Shroomeria are skilled in various forms of magic, particularly nature and fungal magic, which they use to cultivate the abundant mushrooms in the grotto and protect their queendom from outsiders. While they remain reclusive, they share a symbiotic relationship with Floxville, providing luminescent mushrooms for trade in exchange for certain resources.  
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Queen Mycelia

At the heart of the Mushroom Queendom reigns Queen Mycelia, a wise and gentle ruler with a crown of intertwined mushrooms adorning her head. Her connection to the land is deep-rooted, and her wisdom is sought by both her subjects and visitors from afar. Queen Mycelia is known for her compassion and her ability to communicate with the various species living in close distance to the queendom.  


The Funglings are the smallest inhabitants of the queendom, resembling tiny mushrooms with legs. They are mischievous and curious, often seen darting between the giant fungi, collecting luminescent spores to create their glowing artworks.  

Luminescent Sprites

These ethereal beings are composed entirely of bioluminescent spores. They serve as the queendom's messengers and are responsible for illuminating the vast underground caverns. They communicate using intricate patterns of light.  


The Shroomfolk are humanoid creatures made entirely of fungi. They possess various mushroom caps as heads, each type symbolizing a different role within their society. Some are skilled healers, while others are formidable warriors.  

Myconid Guides

Towering mushroom creatures known as Myconid Guides serve as protectors and advisors to the queen. They are wise and powerful beings who have a deep connection with the earth and the mushroom network.  
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The Hidden Relic: Beneath the Queen's throne lies a hidden chamber containing an ancient relic of great power. Its true purpose and abilities remain a mystery, known only to a select few.   The Whispering Mycelium: In the heart of the queendom, there exists a grove of colossal mushrooms known as the Whispering Mycelium. Those who stand beneath them claim to hear faint, cryptic whispers, but only the queen can decipher. The mycelium (the roots) of many mushrooms are connected, and these ancient mushrooms are the center of a giant communication network. The Mushroom Queen knows what is going on out there without ever leaving Shroomeria.   The Luminescent Portal: A luminescent mushroom with unique properties can be used to access other realms. Few know of its existence, and even fewer understand how to activate its power.   The Lost Archives: The Mushroom Queendom's ancient archives contain knowledge about the world above and its secrets. Some pages have been sealed away due to their dangerous content, waiting for the right seeker to unlock their mysteries.   The Ever-Glowing Crystal: A luminescent crystal rumoured to exist deep within the queendom's core. It is believed to be the source of the bioluminescence that illuminates the entire realm and is said to possess unique powers if harnessed. In fact it's not just one crystal. There is a long-stretched cave area that is covered with those crystal. If any wrongdoers found out about them, they would try to get their hands on them, immediately. Every stretch from the top of Shroomeria down to the crystal caves is webbed in mycelium, it would be extremely hard to get there without arousing the attention of the mushroom folk.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.

Cave System
Location under

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