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Eliza Bridget Bishop (a.k.a. Nebula)

The friendly young woman living in Bridgeport Country is known by many names. Some called her a witch, others a seer, and still more say she is an herbalist. Her real name is Eliza but everyone around knows her as Nebula.   Nebula lives deep in the woods near an old and spooky castle located northeast of her hut. Despite the sinister presence of the castle looming over her, Nebula isn't afraid to help those who needed it most - especially if they are poor or downtrodden. She supplies villagers with potions for minor ailments like headaches and colds as well as giving fortune readings to those curious enough to ask for one.  
  It is said that anyone who visits Nebula's humble home always leaves feeling better than when they arrived; both physically from whatever ailment she had cured them of, but also emotionally from being listened to without judgement or prejudice. For this reason people in Bridgeport County come to trust her deeply even though she keeps herself hidden away deep within the forest shadows where few dare venture into alone at night time.  
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Scrying Mirror by Tillerz using MidJourney
Nebula's house is filled with ancient and arcane gadgets that have been passed down through generations. From the walls adorned with herbs, candles, and talismans to the magical cauldron bubbling away in the corner, each item has its own unique purpose in aiding her spellwork.  
Tarot cards by Tillerz using MidJourney
One of the most powerful items found in this home is a scrying mirror. This mysterious tool allows for communication between worlds and can be used to locate both physical objects and spiritual entities as well as offer insight into future events. It must be carefully cleansed before use by burning incense or rubbing it with salt water.  
Dagger by Tillerz using MidJourney
Another object Nebula often uses is a deck of tarot cards, which allow her to glimpse the energies present around her while providing valuable advice when seeking guidance from beyond reality.   She also owns a ceremonial knife used for rituals such as drawing circles on the floor, cutting cords during spells, etc. The athame is highly sacred amongst many practitioners, so it is important to treat it accordingly – keeping it clean, sharpening its blade regularly, and storing it safely when not in use.  
Hexes and Ingredients
  • Abundance Hex: Orange candles, basil leaves and cloves.
  • Healing Hex: White sage smudge stick, frankincense resin or oil and a quartz crystal.
  • Love Hex: Red rose petals, pink candles, cinnamon, and honey.
  • Protection Hex: Bay leaves, lavender flowers, a piece of black tourmaline crystal and sea salt.
  • Success Hex: Cedar wood chips, nutmeg powder and green candle wax.
  People usually pay Nebula with goods of all kind: food, soap, cloth, tools, or whatever they can produce themselves with their own profession.
by Tillerz using Dungeon Alchemist
Red rose petals, pink candles bright,
With cinnamon's spice and honey's light.
By the power of love, I brew this potion,
To kindle a flame and bring forth emotion.
  Brew, brew, love potion so fair,
With herbs of love, it will repair.
Bring two hearts together, make them one,
By the power of magic, love has begun.
  With every stir and every pour,
I call upon love, do not ignore.
Let the magic of this brew take flight,
And bring to life, a love so bright.
  Brew, brew, love potion so fair,
With herbs of love, it will repair.
Bring two hearts together, make them one,
By the power of magic, love has begun.
  So let this potion do its part,
And bring a love to warm the heart.
May the magic of this brew never fade,
And bring happiness to the love it's made.


Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.
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Goods: Potions and ointments
Services: Fortune-telling, hex-removal, treatment of diseases
Access to:
potion making
hex casting
lucky charm making
Conflict with:
medics in the city
government and city officials
Current Location

Cover image: Nebula by Tillerz using MidJourney
Character Portrait image: Nebula by Tillerz using MidJourney


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