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Chapel of the Green Monks

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The "Abbey of the Green Monks" is a mysterious and ancient monastery located in the southern part of Bridgeport County, close to the Wild Lands and is inhabited by a sect of green-robed monks who travel the streets begging for food and collecting information.   The abbey's secretive nature has led to many rumors about what goes on inside its walls. Some say that they are secretly studying forbidden magic, while others believe they use their knowledge to manipulate events behind the scenes in order to further their own agenda. Others claim that these monks have some kind of prophetic power, able to see into the future or even control fate itself. All these theories remain unconfirmed as no one has ever gained access inside this mysterious place.  
Chapel of the Green Monks by Tillerz using MidJourney
  What is known however is that each morning at dawn, several dozen green-robed figures can be seen walking through town carrying nothing but small wooden bowls which they fill with alms from passersby before quickly disappearing back into their fortress home - neither speaking nor engaging with anyone else on their journey. People whisper stories about how each day when dusk falls upon Bridgeport County all activity within the abbey ceases completely until sunrise once again brings them out onto the streets again like clockwork - though none know why exactly this occurs or what secrets may lie hidden within its walls.  
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The monks of the Green Chapel practise a form of meditation that draws upon ancient spiritual traditions from across the world.   They hide their sacred teachings in scrolls and books that only initiates who have proven themselves worthy can read.   Each monk is expected to take on a personal vow of silence for at least one hour each day, during which time they meditate deeply on all aspects of life and spirituality.   The monks spend much of their time tending to an extensive garden within the chapel grounds, where they cultivate medicinal herbs and flowers used in traditional healing practises as well as providing food for those in need outside its walls.   Some places around the chapel are home to powerful spirits, which makes it a place that can be both dangerous and helpful, depending on how you treat them.   Every full moon night, members gather together to perform rituals involving chanting mantras while burning incense over various offerings such as fruits or grains. This ritual brings blessings into their lives as well as maintaining cosmic balance between nature‚Äôs forces.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.
Parent Location

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