Wolves of Bridgeport

Note: this article is a work in progress.
when the dark moon glows in an eerie light
caused by rays of the sun, which are flaming bright   and scraps of mist create dancing shadows
on rotten bones, in front of dusty gravestones,   an icy shiver rolls down your spine
because it is the ghastly time   when they bare their claws and fangs and grunt:
the scent of crimson blood they hunt!
The hills outside Bridgeport are covered by dark woods, which lumberjacks tried to cut down as a resource for new houses, but they either fled in terror or never came back after entering. The Council of Ten sent scouts, these also never reemerged from the woods.   GM info / spoilers.

Plot Hooks

Dances with wolves - A mother is missing her kid, the last thing she remembers is "I go play with the doggies." People have seen the nine-year-old boy walk in the direction of the Howling Heights.   Transformers - A wealthy merchant promises riches for anything that cures lycanthropy, but the group has only 7 days left to get it. It's "for a friend".
Bridgeport County


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13 Oct, 2021 11:13

I love the sense of mystery in this article, and the plot hooks sound really fun. :D

14 Oct, 2021 15:58

It's really short, I just tried to use a lot of the prompt words in the verses. Will expand the article as this is probably an important faction to keep an eye on in the future. :)

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