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Brightstone Investigative Services Office

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The office of Brightstone Investigative Services is situated in a spacious three-story building in the Bustling district between Castle Street and Upper Market. It is flanked by Cilla's Costumes and Gadgets and a tiny branch office of the Hare-Mail Delivery Company on the right, and the well known Whisk it for a Biscuit bakery on the left.  
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  The office operates only in the mornings, from eight to twelve, on select days each week. Those in need of an investigation can request an afternoon consultation through an errand boy. Betsy, the office secretary, manages all details, including recording inquiry information, reporting investigation results, and handling payments. She also assigns tasks to hired agents, provides necessary equipment, and collects their reports.


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Main Room

  The office's main room is divided into two distinct areas. The public area, accessible from the main door, is furnished with several tables and chairs where investigators can write their reports and engage in discussions. A smaller, more private section is shielded by paravans and used for tasks like cleaning equipment and planning investigations.   At the center of the main room, a small table is laden with tea and freshly baked goods, delivered daily by Whisk it for a Biscuit. This welcoming touch provides a comforting atmosphere for the investigators as they discuss their cases and plan their next moves. The scent of pastries and freshly brewed tea creates a homely environment that contrasts with the seriousness of their work, making the office a pleasant place to be even in the midst of intense investigations.   A sturdy locked door at the back leads to the upper floor. Only Betsy has a key to it, and no agent has ever entered this door.  

Betsy's Office

  Betsy's office is strategically located to the right of the entrance, providing her with a direct view of anyone coming into Brightstone Investigative Services. Her office features a secondary door that opens into the client room.  

Client Room

  A space designed for confidential discussions between Betsy or the agents and their clients. This client room also boasts a separate front exit door, ensuring privacy for those who prefer to come and go discreetly.  

Storage Room

  Adjacent to the client room is a spacious storage room that doubles as a kitchen. This versatile space is equipped with shelves stocked with investigation tools, supplies, and various provisions. At the far end of the storage room, a trapdoor leads down to the basement, offering additional storage and a secure area for more sensitive materials.  


  Behind the office, a hidden gem awaits - a small, secluded area concealed by a charming wooden picket fence. This tranquil spot offers a stark contrast to the bustling city outside. The ground is scattered with rocks and pebbles, creating a natural, rugged terrain.   Nestled within this area is a quaint shed, home to the messenger pigeons. These loyal birds are trained to deliver urgent messages across the city and beyond, ensuring that Brightstone Investigative Services can maintain swift and secure communication.   The secluded area is lush with overgrown vegetation, providing a serene and private space where agents can take a moment to unwind. The greenery includes a mix of wildflowers, ivy, and shrubs, giving the area a sense of being a hidden oasis.   A sturdy wooden door at the back of the office leads into a small but cozy room. Inside, a couple of bunk beds are neatly stacked against the walls. This modest sleeping quarters is reserved for novice agents who may need to stay overnight due to the demands of an ongoing case or simply to rest after a long day’s work.


Brightstone Office by Tillerz
Brightstone Office by Tillerz
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