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The Black Guard is Bridgeport's steadfast city guard, a seaside centre teeming with commerce and intrigue. These diligent defenders patrol the city streets and surrounding suburbs, guaranteeing the safety and order of this thriving city. Their tasks include protecting vital structures in the city and the busy harbour, as well as collecting taxes from merchants and inhabitants.


Despite being part of the Farenian Empire's greater military architecture, the Black Guard is largely controlled by Bridgeport's Council of Ten. This local government enables them to successfully handle the city's specific demands and issues. However, their loyalty to the Empire remains unwavering. Representatives from the Empire, even Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia, have the authority to give direct directives to the Guard, overriding local authorities if needed. In all circumstances, the Black Guard rigorously compares local mandates to the Empire's overall norms and directives to assure compliance.   GM info / spoilers.


Despite their intimidating appearance, the Black Guard encounters various problems. Bridgeport's thriving commerce and diversified population make it a hive of intrigue, with smuggling networks, renegade sorcerers, and opposing groups striving for power. The Guard's stringent enforcement of the law sometimes puts them into clashes with prominent merchants and important residents.   Nonetheless, the Black Guard's reputation as the city's guardians is still strong. Their black uniforms and prominent emblems represent order and justice in Bridgeport. While they work to ensure peace and security, they must strike a careful balance between local government and imperial mission, ensuring that Bridgeport thrives under their watchful eye.  


The backbone of the Guard, privates carry out day-to-day patrols and basic duties. They may have their own titles based on their function, eg. guardsman, signalman, craftsman or rifleman.  
Responsible for leading small teams and overseeing daily operations.
Mid-level leaders who plan strategies and coordinate larger groups.  
Senior leader, managing the entirety of the guard, making high-level decisions.

Public Agenda

City Patrol: The Black Guard is a regular presence on Bridgeport's streets, discouraging crime and creating a feeling of security to residents. Their patrols extend to the city's outskirts, where they look for potential threats.   Building and Seaport Security: The Black Guard protects key structures in Bridgeport, including government buildings, markets and the busy seaport. Their alertness helps to prevent theft, smuggling, and other illegal actions.   Tax Enforcement: One critical component of their work is to enforce tax payments. The Black Guard guarantees that dealers and people follow the city's tax requirements, which helps to maintain Bridgeport's economic stability.   Crisis Response: In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, riot, or natural catastrophe, the Black Guard is the first responders. They coordinate efforts to reduce damage and restore order.  

Notable Members

Captain Thorne Blackwell (human): He is the harsh but fair captain of the Black Guard, commanding with a combination of experience and unflinching determination. His strategic mindset and thorough awareness of Bridgeport's dynamics make him an invaluable contributor.   Lieutenant Mira Stone (kendric): Known for her keen senses and fast reactions, Lieutenant Stone excels in covert operations and intelligence collection. Her informant network aids the Black Guard in detecting possible threats early.
Lieutnant Bran Ironfist (dwarf): He is the Black Guard's enforcer. He is a big (for a dwarf) and powerful figure. His power and fighting abilities are unparalleled, making him a fearsome force in battle.   Officer Elara Swift (wibbit): She is the Guard's quickest runner, both by name and by nature. She often serves as a courier and scout, conveying critical information across the city with surprising speed.


2410 PB: The Founding of Bridgeport
Formation of the Guard: As Bridgeport was founded, the need for a city watch became apparent. The original city watch was a small force made up of local volunteers, primarily focused on maintaining order and protecting the fledgling town from bandits and wild animals.  
2453 PB: The Official Formation of the Black Guard
Royal Decree: Recognising the strategic importance of Bridgeport, the Farenian Empire officially established the Black Guard. This decree transformed the local city watch into a professional military unit under imperial control, tasked with protecting the city and its harbour.  
2576 PB: The Great Pirate Invasion
Defensive Success: The Black Guard successfully repelled a pirate invasion, securing Bridgeport’s status as a vital trade hub. This victory solidified the Guard's reputation and led to an increase in funding and resources from the Empire.  
2601 PB: The Black Guard's First Major Corruption Scandal
Internal Purge: Several high-ranking members of the Black Guard were found guilty of corruption and bribery. The scandal led to a major internal purge and the establishment of stricter regulations and oversight within the Guard.  
2674 PB: The Construction of the New Barracks
Modernization Effort: To accommodate the growing population and the expanding responsibilities of the Black Guard, new barracks were constructed. This modernization effort included upgraded facilities and better living conditions for the guards.  
2755 PB: The Bridgeport Riots
Civil Unrest: A period of civil unrest and riots in Bridgeport tested the capabilities of the Black Guard. Their effective, though sometimes heavy-handed, response helped restore order and prevented the spread of chaos to other parts of the city.  
2800 PB: The Integration with the Imperial Military
Structural Reorganisation: The Black Guard was formally integrated into the broader structure of the Farenian Empire's military forces. This integration brought more resources and training but also increased the Guard’s responsibilities and oversight by the Empire.  
2837 PB: The Establishment of the Council of Ten
Local Authority: The Council of Ten was established as the governing body of Bridgeport (replacing the existing mayor), with authority over the Black Guard. This shift aimed to balance imperial control with local governance, allowing for more responsive and efficient management of the city’s security needs.  
2865 PB: Present Day
Modern Challenges: Today, the Black Guard faces a range of modern challenges, from dealing with the influx of visitors during the Festival of the Rusty Pipe to managing crime and maintaining order in a rapidly growing city.

Duty, Honour, Vigilance

The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
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